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Christian Web Resources is a multi-denominational Christian website, providing resources for churches, Christian organisations and individuals.

Online Bible

Searchable online Bible. Available in 11 different versions.

Christian MIDI Files

Browse or search through our 220 high quality, Christian MIDI files. More added regularly.

Christian Audio Files

Browse or search through our 118 high quality, Christian audio files. More added regularly.

Chords and Lyrics

Browse or search through our collection of chords and lyrics. Transpose hymns to any key you like.
So far there's only 107, but we really are adding more on a regular basis.

Christian News

All the latest Christian news and articles from a multitude of sources including:

  • The Church of England
  • Catholic World News
  • Christianity Today
  • Cross Rhythms
  • Christian Church Today
  • CBN - Christian World News
  • Mission Network News
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