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Interview: Andy Stanley on Why They Won't Gather on Sundays until 2021
Christianity Today 2020-07-15 @ 04:00
We love you too much to open the doors on Sunday morning—let's focus on doing stuff for the community. North Point Ministries announced they would be suspending in-person church services for...
'Constantly Persecuted' for His Faith: Pastor in India Murdered by Maoists
CBN - Christian World News 2020-07-14 @ 19:14
How Churches Are Taking Responsibility and Acting Carefully
Christianity Today 2020-07-14 @ 17:00
While its fashionable among the media to cite outliers who spurn the guidelines for their state, more churches by far are following the model of Calvary Chapel in both caring for their community and...
The Speed of our Souls—and Our Soles
Christianity Today 2020-07-14 @ 15:00
An avid walker explains why walking is good for spiritual growth. I used to dream of a library devoted entirely to walking. Most of the books, spanning the centuries in many languages, would be...
American History Is Not Canceled
Christianity Today 2020-07-14 @ 14:00
While Christians can't erase the church's slaveholding past, we can change the symbols, statues, and namesakes we celebrate. Putting up and tearing down statues has been part of American history from...
The Sweet Surrender of Salvation
Christianity Today 2020-07-14 @ 13:00
By rising above self-interest we can taste the true honey of new creation. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government's top infectious disease expert, recently warned that coronavirus infections could more...
Shipment of Bibles, books, food lands in Pakistan
Mission Network News 2020-07-14 @ 09:00
Pakistan (MNN) -- Mission Cry just landed a shipment of Bibles and Christian books in Pakistan. That's not unusual for their ministry - they've sent crates and shipments all over the world - but food...
The Middle East Conversation webinar series continues on Thursday
Mission Network News 2020-07-14 @ 09:00
Lebanon (MNN) — There's still time to sign up for the July edition of the Middle East Conversation 2020 webinar put on by Arab Baptist Theological Seminary! It takes place this Thursday, July 16...
Hagia Sophia decision worrisome for Christians
Mission Network News 2020-07-14 @ 09:00
Turkey (MNN) -- Turkey faces international backlash today following a court decision to convert the Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The USCIRF issued its condemnation on Friday, while the World Council...
Sudan Drops Death Penalty for Apostasy, Alcohol Ban for Christians
Christianity Today 2020-07-13 @ 17:00
Amendments offer good news for Christian minority, but also concern that reforms may be too fast for Muslim society. In one of a wide-ranging series of legislative reforms, apostates from Islam no...
Evangelical Leaders Ask ICE Not to 'Mistreat the Foreigner' With Student Visa Policy
Christianity Today 2020-07-13 @ 16:00
Fuller Seminary, after canceling in-person classes for the fall, says it's trying to come up with a plan to allow international students to stay. Leaders of 12 Christian organizations urged the Trump...
Want to Love Your Neighbor? Start By Fighting Your Own Sin.
Christianity Today 2020-07-13 @ 15:00
When we "make every effort to be holy," it works toward the common good. What are some effective ways to love our neighbors? Most of us would say things like taking a meal to someone who is ill or...
Five Priorities of A Worshipping Church
Christianity Today 2020-07-13 @ 15:00
But what if the normal we once experienced was inadequate and God is using this moment to jar us from complacency? It's common to hear people long for a quick return to normal these days. The crisis...
President of Brazil tests positive for COVID-19 as cases soar
Mission Network News 2020-07-13 @ 09:00
Brazil (MNN) -- As cases spike in Brazil, Compassion International works with the Church to provide food and protective equipment to those in need. Brazil has become an epicenter of COVID-19, even as...
How did Jesus deal with race issues?
Mission Network News 2020-07-13 @ 09:00
USA (JFP) -- Just since 1992, when four LAPD officers were acquitted after beating Rodney King on film, there have been more than a dozen race-related riots in the United States. The death of George...
FARMS: Stepping out of poverty and pursuing freedom from shame
Mission Network News 2020-07-13 @ 09:00
South East Asia (MNN) – The saving power of the Gospel means freedom. But often, physical circumstances provide challenges on this side of heaven. In rural South East Asia, poverty can combine with...
John Ortberg's Church Announces New Investigation
Christianity Today 2020-07-12 @ 22:00
Leadership apologizes for lack of transparency that eroded trust. Earlier this week, megachurch pastor John Ortberg claimed his congregation had "extensively investigated" concerns about his youngest...
Church Commissioners announce £1m support for cathedral choirs
Church of England 2020-07-11 @ 23:01
The Church Commissioners has announced it will support England's cathedral choirs with up to £1 million available to ease the impact of COVID-19.  
Stipendiary posts to match the number of candidates due to leave theological training
Church of England 2020-07-11 @ 16:00
Around 560 ordinands completing theological training next year are on course to take up posts in the Church of England in spite of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on church finances, it was...
One on One with John Starke on Having a Deeper Prayer Life
Christianity Today 2020-07-11 @ 15:00
We need a deep, hidden life for a fruitful, public life. Ed: Why a book on prayer? Have you noticed deficiencies in how we are doing in the church in regards to prayer life? John: We live in a...
Church must 'learn afresh how to share the gospel', Archbishop of York tells Synod
Church of England 2020-07-11 @ 10:01
The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, has called the Church of England to "learn afresh how to share the gospel in the world" as church and society face "turbulent times" in the wake of the...
Hagia Sophia Converted Back to Mosque by Turkey's President
Christianity Today 2020-07-10 @ 17:00
Orthodox leaders and UNESCO object to famous former church no longer being a museum. As Christians feared and many expected, the Hagia Sophia is now—again—a mosque. The Turkish Council...
One on One with Jerry Root on 'The Neglected C.S. Lewis'
Christianity Today 2020-07-10 @ 17:00
What readers of Lewis tend to neglect, are in fact the very books Lewis thought were his best and most important. Ed: Many are familiar with C. S. Lewis's Narnian Chronicles and his Christian...
Persecuted Christians Resettled in US Drop Dramatically Under Trump
Christianity Today 2020-07-10 @ 16:00
More Christian refugees were welcomed from top 50 persecuting countries in 2016 than in Trump's first three years combined, according to Open Doors and World Relief report. The United States is on...
Anglican Property Wins Don't Put an End to Legal Disputes
Christianity Today 2020-07-10 @ 15:00
Breakaway congregations in South Carolina and Texas continue protracted fight with the Episcopal Church. Last month, a South Carolina circuit court judge ruled that 36 Anglican churches in that state...
The Debate Beneath Our Debates on the Pandemic and the Protests
Christianity Today 2020-07-10 @ 15:00
Our divided responses to national challenges reflect deep divisions on what it means to be human. All interest in disease and death is only another expression of interest in life." Novelist Thomas...
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
Christianity Today 2020-07-10 @ 14:00
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power. "This is not Charlottesville" was the refrain that I heard many times. Our neighbors sought to assure us of this. We had...
Turkish Court Turns Historic Christian Hagia Sophia Site Into a Mosque - Muslims Chanting 'Allah Is Great'
CBN - Christian World News 2020-07-10 @ 13:06
New Law Targets Churches in Montenegro, Christian Leaders Detained
CBN - Christian World News 2020-07-10 @ 12:25
General Synod members to meet remotely
Church of England 2020-07-10 @ 11:01
Members of the Church of England's General Synod are to meet remotely for the first time, in response to the restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Daily Hope phone line to continue beyond lockdown - as calls pass two million minutes
Church of England 2020-07-10 @ 09:26
A free phone line offering hymns, prayers, and reflections to tens of thousands of callers after church buildings closed because of the coronavirus is to continue despite moves to ease the lockdown...
Police begin Bible launch investigations
Mission Network News 2020-07-10 @ 09:00
South Korea (MNN) -- What began as an activity restriction in South Korea is turning into an assault on religious freedom. In early June, police stopped Voice of the Martyrs Korea from sending Bibles...
DOOR celebrates new fellowships and Christian workers in East Africa
Mission Network News 2020-07-10 @ 09:00
East Africa (MNN) – According to DOOR International, God is moving in Deaf communities in East Africa. DOOR International CEO/President Rob Myers shares that the need for Scripture and discipleship...
The Unlocked teen devotional turns one year old
Mission Network News 2020-07-10 @ 09:00
USA (MNN) — Keys for Kids' teen devotional tackles touch topics through multiple genres and a Gospel lens. Unlocked was born when camp directors reached out to Keys for Kids Ministries and asked...
'Mother to Son' Amplifies the Voices of Black Mothers
Christianity Today 2020-07-09 @ 15:00
Jasmine Holmes spotlights the realities black families face. As he breathed his last obstructed breaths, George Floyd called to the mother who died before him, "Momma! Momma!" Black mothers, in our...
Why 'Ditch the Deli Meat' and Other Prohibitions Miss the Point of Pregnancy
Christianity Today 2020-07-09 @ 15:00
Childbearing is too often defined by restrictions against vice instead of invitations to virtue. When I was pregnant with my first child, I looked for books to tell me what it all meant. I wanted to...
Time for a New Normal
Christianity Today 2020-07-09 @ 15:00
Returning to normal after such a historic moment would be nothing short of missing one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. As states have begun varied and nuanced approaches to reopening...
What the Ministerial Exception Will Mean for Religious Employers
Christianity Today 2020-07-09 @ 15:00
For Christians who despaired over recent Supreme Court rulings, the Our Lady of Guadalupe decision has a lot to offer. The Supreme Court defended religious liberty on Wednesday, bolstering and...
What the Ministerial Exemption Will Mean for Religious Employers
Christianity Today 2020-07-09 @ 14:00
For Christians who despaired over recent Supreme Court rulings, the Our Lady of Guadalupe decision has a lot to offer. The Supreme Court defended religious liberty on Wednesday, bolstering and...
Newly-confirmed Archbishop of York to preach on the power of prayer
Church of England 2020-07-09 @ 13:00
Chaplains from a hospital and a hospice are to join the newly-confirmed Archbishop of York this weekend as he leads worship from York Minster for the Church of England's weekly online service.
Military Ministries Prepare for Potential US Troop Withdrawal From Germany
Christianity Today 2020-07-09 @ 12:00
Trump plan creates uncertainty for evangelical churches serving soldiers—and new opportunities. An Assemblies of God church in Heidelberg, Germany lost two-thirds of its worshipping members...
Stephen Cottrell confirmed as Archbishop of York
Church of England 2020-07-09 @ 11:02
Archbishop Stephen Cottrell has been confirmed as the 98th Archbishop of York in a service broadcast entirely via video conference amid the Covid-19 restrictions.
New Archbishop of York speaks to pupils in national online school collective worship
Church of England 2020-07-09 @ 10:00
This Friday, the day after he legally becomes the 98th Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell will answer young people's questions about compassion during a virtual collective worship session.
Desperation and Gospel demand surge in SE Asia
Mission Network News 2020-07-09 @ 09:00
SE Asia (MNN) -- Economies in Southeast Asia are feeling the sting of extended COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. A new report shows unemployment's on the rise, and restrictions negatively affected...
Sammy Tippit on the importance of relationships in digital Church growth
Mission Network News 2020-07-09 @ 09:00
International (MNN) — Following a huge evangelistic event, Sammy Tippit Ministries is diving deeper into digital evangelism, building on the foundation of deep relationships. We have reported...
Closed Kenyan markets leads to human trafficking
Mission Network News 2020-07-09 @ 09:00
Kenya (MNN) -- Efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 have closed public spaces around the world. However, closing markets in Kenya has seen unintended and dark consequences; families are selling...
Churches, Coronavirus, and the New York Times: Churches Are Taking the Virus Seriously, but the New York Times Needs to Take Churches More Seriously
Christianity Today 2020-07-08 @ 21:00
Describing churches as a "major source of Coronavirus cases" is odd, since that's not even the case their own article makes. The New York Times just published an article with this headline: "Churches...
Erdogan Fans the Flames of Religious Intolerance: Christians Blamed for Bringing COVID-19 to Turkey
CBN - Christian World News 2020-07-08 @ 19:56
Promise Keepers' 2020 Blockbuster Event: Tony Evans, TD Jakes, Miles McPherson, Danny Gokey & Many More
CBN - Christian World News 2020-07-08 @ 19:37
Families Keep Going, In Pandemic and Health
Christianity Today 2020-07-08 @ 16:00
Our households are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 shutdowns. It's time for new levels of creativity, flexibility, and support. The spring semester ended with my elementary school children waving to a...
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