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Let My People Meet: Mark Dever, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, and Inconsistent Government Rules
Christianity Today 2020-09-25 @ 16:00
Real violations of religious liberty occur when the government singles out churches, not when everyone has to follow the same rules. In recent news, Mark Dever and the members of Capitol Hill Baptist...
Ecumenical statement on Cameroon
Church of England 2020-09-25 @ 15:45
Bishops of Southwark and Chichester join with other church leaders in a joint statement on the situation on Cameroon. 
What Pastors See as the 'New Normal' for Preaching After the Pandemic
Christianity Today 2020-09-25 @ 15:00
COVID-19's ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights. The sanctuary was empty. But that didn't distract Claude Alexander. He had just finished preaching from Jeremiah 8 on the temptation...
Mental Illness and the 'Medical Theodicy' Trap
Christianity Today 2020-09-25 @ 15:00
Why do we feel such a palpable sense of spiritual relief when the problem is with the body rather than the mind? Five years ago I received a telephone call from a friend. She told me that one of our...
Farmers mark Harvest Festival with call for climate change action in national online service
Church of England 2020-09-25 @ 12:00
Farmers will speak of their commitment to fighting climate change during the Church of England's national online service.
Farmers marks Harvest Festival with call for climate change action in national online service
Church of England 2020-09-25 @ 12:00
Farmers will speak of their commitment to fighting climate change during the Church of England's national online service.
Unanimous support from Archbishops' Council on safeguarding proposals
Church of England 2020-09-25 @ 09:30
The Archbishops' Council, at its meeting on Wednesday (Sept 23), voted unanimously for safeguarding proposals to offer both immediate practical support to survivors of abuse and also to strengthen...
'Time to Return or Head for Judgment and Calamity': What's at Stake with The Return & DC Prayer March
CBN - Christian World News 2020-09-24 @ 23:08
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
Christianity Today 2020-09-24 @ 16:00
There are four marks of wounded healers. When asked to describe 2020 thus far, many have used the words uncertain, divisive, and disruptive. When I asked my friend this question, her response...
Synod approves change to rules to allow online meetings
Church of England 2020-09-24 @ 16:00
The General Synod of the Church of England has approved a change to its rules to enable it to meet online, if necessary, because of the coronavirus restrictions.
Mission Network News 2020-09-24 @ 15:00
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Mark Dever's Capitol Hill Baptist Sues to Not Forsake the Assembly
Christianity Today 2020-09-24 @ 15:00
Without online preaching or multiple services, the DC church crossed state lines to gather legally during the pandemic. Capitol Hill Baptist Church this week became the first house of worship to file...
Why the Supreme Court Makeup Matters Beyond Abortion
Christianity Today 2020-09-24 @ 15:00
Legal experts cite religious freedom and free speech among the major issues for evangelicals in a post–Ruth Bader Ginsburg court. Last week's death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg represents the third...
Some Thing More: The Friendship of Ginsburg-Scalia
Christianity Today 2020-09-24 @ 15:00
How do we foster friendships that transcend polarization? "He is something of a pagan, and like many other pagans, he is a very fine man." This was the reflection the G.K. Chesterton of his friend...
'Renewal' for Church is coming despite 'trauma' of pandemic – Archbishops
Church of England 2020-09-24 @ 11:45
The Church will emerge "renewed and changed" from the crisis of the global coronavirus pandemic, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have said.
The Venerable Matthew Parker announced as the new Area Bishop of Stafford
Church of England 2020-09-24 @ 09:27
The new Area Bishop of Stafford will be The Venerable Matthew Parker, who is currently serving as Archdeacon of Stoke-upon-Trent.
All Saints Church bombing anniversary stirs painful memories
Mission Network News 2020-09-24 @ 09:00
Pakistan (MNN) -- This week, Pakistani believers commemorate a dark day in history. Seven years ago, two Taliban terrorists blew themselves up outside the All Saints Church as people left a worship...
The power of entire Muslim families coming to faith in Jesus
Mission Network News 2020-09-24 @ 09:00
Iraq (MNN) -- To be born into a Muslim family in Iraq is to be Muslim. Stepping out of that structure can lead to denouncement, persecution, and even death. That's why Christians from Muslim...
Jewish pilgrims turned back from Ukrainian border
Mission Network News 2020-09-24 @ 09:00
Ukraine (MNN) -- At least 1,000 Hasidic Jews have turned back to Israel after being stuck between the border of Ukraine and Belarus. They camped out by the border for several days, hoping the...
Pandemic Denial Sows Division and Endangers Others
Christianity Today 2020-09-23 @ 21:00
When pastors and church leaders deny that we are even in a pandemic, it can cause wide-ranging problems. Yesterday, as the United States passed a grim milestone, I tweeted: As of today, 200,000 dead...
The Supreme Court Needs to Be Less Central to American Public Life
Christianity Today 2020-09-23 @ 15:00
Here's what evangelicals should expect—and not expect—from the highest court in the land. Every summer I get reacquainted with the sound of bullhorns. That's because every June I find...
Offering hope as we face a second wave – Archbishops' letter to bishops
Church of England 2020-09-23 @ 14:08
The Church has a vital role to play in offering hope and comfort to the nation as we face an expected second wave of the coronavirus, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have said.
Rediscovering the Pedagogical Power of Narnia
Christianity Today 2020-09-23 @ 14:00
C. S. Lewis's fiction can teach virtue, according to a new curriculum. But the true potential is so much more. My mother read The Chronicles of Narnia to my brother and me at night, while the four of...
Special session of General Synod to go ahead amid new Covid-19 measures
Church of England 2020-09-23 @ 09:45
A special session of the Church of England General Synod, needed to pass urgent legislation enabling Synod to continue to operate amid the challenges of the pandemic, will go ahead in London on...
Dear Mr. Pompeo: please hold India accountable for its oppression
Mission Network News 2020-09-23 @ 09:00
India (MNN) -- Fourteen U.S. senators recently endorsed a letter calling on U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to add India to the State Department's Country of Particular Concern (CPC) list. In a...
New intelligence says Boko Haram stepping up child recruitment
Mission Network News 2020-09-23 @ 09:00
North Africa (MNN) -- New intelligence from the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) says Boko Haram is increasing child recruitment. Boko Haram operates across Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Cameroon...
Engaging Islam Institute presents Christianity as a Middle Eastern religion
Mission Network News 2020-09-23 @ 09:00
Lebanon (MNN) -- How can Western Christians understand the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East? Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says the Engaging Islam Institute tackles this...
Thai Church Holds Record-Breaking Baptism Despite COVID-19
Christianity Today 2020-09-22 @ 15:00
"We believe it is the merciful hand of God to allow the gospel to spread at this crucial time." Things weren't looking good for the Thai church at the start of 2020. The southeast Asian nation was...
Indian Pastor Forced to Stop Worshipping at Home After Police Join with Radical Hindus to Arrest His Son
CBN - Christian World News 2020-09-22 @ 14:03
Racial Reconciliation Is Still a Dream for Atlanta Christians
Christianity Today 2020-09-22 @ 14:00
But church leaders think it's worth the work to address longstanding divides. Dhati Lewis set out to start a church that could be a blueprint for urban discipleship, a church "in the city, for the...
Muslim herdsmen ramp up attacks on Christian farmers in Nigeria
Mission Network News 2020-09-22 @ 09:00
Nigeria (MNN) -- A Nigerian leader says the threat of COVID-19 pales in comparison to the violence of Muslims against Christians in the northern and central parts of the country. This was reported to...
Kenyan girls at risk for teen pregnancy and FGM due to Coronavirus
Mission Network News 2020-09-22 @ 09:00
Kenya (MNN) – The current Coronavirus pandemic has stretched its arms worldwide, and young girls in Kenya are greatly feeling it's affects. With the closings of schools, many girls have become...
Four ways to celebrate International Week of the Deaf
Mission Network News 2020-09-22 @ 09:00
USA (MNN) -- It's day two in the International Week of the Deaf, an annual celebration of Deaf culture, accomplishments, and sign languages. (Graphic courtesy of World Federation of the Deaf) Each of...
The Kingdom of God and the Supreme Court of the United States
Christianity Today 2020-09-22 @ 01:00
Thoughts on the kingdom of God and the common good. The phrase, "The Kingdom of God," has been in the news recently given that Amy Coney Barrett is on President Trump's short list of nominees to...
The Black Church Is Atlanta's Original Community Organizer
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 22:00
Long before Raphael Warnock's Senate run, the biblical call for freedom for the oppressed stirred Atlanta Christians to social action. As pastor of Atlanta's historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, Raphael...
The Best Way to Memorize Scripture Has Little to Do with Learning Words.
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 21:00
How neuroscience can help us to be doers of the Word. I was desperate for encouragement but couldn't even open my Bible. As my tears fell, the words I could not read welled up inside instead. "For...
How Black-Owned Businesses Bless Atlanta
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 16:00
Christian entrepreneurs promote a new economic narrative in a city plagued by wealth gaps. When John Onwuchekwa moved to Atlanta over a decade ago, he came as a church planter. But his call was much...
God Himself Gives the Gift
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 16:00
Humans have a penchant for sacrifice, but it's the Lord who makes it possible. Over the years, one thing that has fascinated me about the gospel is the way it takes our familiar human longings and...
The Next Mission Field Is a Game
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
Esports opens new opportunities for evangelism, even during a pandemic. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, Roman Khripunov didn't realize the missionary potential of video games. Khripunov ran soccer...
Sign Language Bible Complete After 39 Years
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
Translation was led by deaf people trained in the biblical languages. When Renca Dunn talks about having the Bible in her own language for the first time, she emphasizes the adjectives. In English...
Who Will Help Gen Z with Anxiety, Depression, Suicide? Youth Pastors Turn to Counseling.
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
New awareness of mental health sends ministers in search of resources. Jarrod Hegwood was confident he knew how to counsel the students in his youth group. Then he got counseling and realized he had...
Died: J. Delano Ellis II, Bishop Who Promoted High Church Pentecostalism
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
He believed church renewal would come from ardor and order of Spirit-empowered African Americans. J. Delano Ellis II, an African American Pentecostal leader who sought to renew the church through new...
We've Been Taught the Wrong Ways to Memorize Scripture
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
How neuroscience can help us to be doers of the Word. I was desperate for encouragement but couldn't even open my Bible. As my tears fell, the words I could not read welled up inside instead. "For...
Every Fourth of July, I Celebrate My Spiritual Independence Day
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
How God transformed my life at a church conference I didn't even want to attend. I was born to religious, hard-working parents in 1990 in Cairo. At 40 days old, I was baptized by triple immersion...
Marilynne Robinson's Latest Novel Probes the Mysteries of Predestination and Grace
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
Jack Boughton, the wayward pastor's son, is a central character. So is Jesus. John "Jack" Ames Boughton is a wayward preacher's son who always seems to find himself close to Christians. He often...
Jesus Is Your Lord and Savior. Is He Also Your Philosopher King?
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
Why the church should learn to appreciate Christ as the world's greatest thinker. Let me begin with a brief lament. As a Christian philosopher who teaches future ministry leaders and speaks to lay...
Interview: Pursuing Racial Justice Requires More Than Lament, but Never Less
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
How the sharing of prayer and pain leads to trust—and then to change. In the wake of the high-profile killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others, many white...
Atlanta Beyond MLK: How Black Christians Continue a Civil Rights Legacy
Christianity Today 2020-09-21 @ 15:00
Generations take up the gospel work of becoming a beloved community. From my apartment in Midtown Atlanta, I could hear the helicopters above the protesters after the murder of Rayshard Brooks in...
Will politics and the pandemic reshape ministry in China?
Mission Network News 2020-09-21 @ 09:00
China (MNN) -- Tension between the U.S. and China remains at an all-time high. Saber-rattling from China and a U.S. ban on Chinese social media are the latest developments in a year of division...
Three tips for sharing your faith
Mission Network News 2020-09-21 @ 09:00
International (JFP) -- It's difficult to share your faith when you don't feel prepared. In a multigenerational survey on evangelism conducted by Jesus Film Project with more than 1,600 Christians...
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