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John Ortberg and the Pitfalls of Pastoral Discernment
Christianity Today 2020-08-06 @ 18:00
When we consent to our calling as ministers of the gospel, we assent to be public imitators of all it proclaims. John Ortberg's resignation statement as senior pastor of Menlo Church, given all that...
Refugee Converts Aren't 'Fraudsters,' German Pastors Say
Christianity Today 2020-08-06 @ 15:00
Churches push back on immigrant officials' new skepticism of authentic faith. Elias is waiting for a German official to evaluate his Christianity. He converted from Islam in Iran secretly. He was...
One-on-One with John Kingston on 'American Awakening'
Christianity Today 2020-08-06 @ 15:00
Timeless truths guide the path to restoration of the soul, meaningful purpose and finding true community. Ed: In your book, you talk about how you and your family created a mission statement to...
The Old Testament Calls Out Cancel Culture
Christianity Today 2020-08-06 @ 15:00
The Bible features flawed characters called to do the will of the Lord. Marcionism is a heresy, but I understand why Marcion did it. Disgusted with the evil that plagues our world and struggling with...
Beirut lies in ruins after massive explosion
Mission Network News 2020-08-06 @ 09:00
Lebanon (MNN) -- "I've never seen Beirut like that," says Wissam Nasrallah of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development. "Parts of the city lie in apocalyptic ruin." LSESD is...
Blast recovery unites believers in Lebanon
Mission Network News 2020-08-06 @ 09:00
Lebanon (MNN) -- A crisis like the Beirut blast can either divide or unite a community. Uncharted Ministries' Tom Doyle says it's bringing believers together throughout Lebanon. "Often, there are...
Bibles For The World to launch distribution campaign in Vietnam
Mission Network News 2020-08-06 @ 09:00
Vietnam (MNN) -- Planning a new project during a pandemic is difficult work. Unforeseen complications, ever-shifting restrictions, and the danger of the virus itself all make event-organizing...
12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
Christianity Today 2020-08-05 @ 21:00
Evangelical leaders describe the damage, how Christians are helping, and the need for a hope beyond politics. One hour later at work, and Sarah Chetti might have been one of thousands in a Beirut...
China Churches Allowed to Open Only if They Promote the Communist Regime and Slander USA
CBN - Christian World News 2020-08-05 @ 20:28
Lebanon Was Already in Turmoil. Then Came the Blast.
Christianity Today 2020-08-05 @ 17:00
A Christian leader's grief over a divided—and now devastated—country. The massive explosion that rocked Beirut Monday evening has left dozens dead, hundreds injured, and more than 300,00...
China Rips Crosses from Churches, Throwing to the Ground Elderly Man Trying to Stop It
CBN - Christian World News 2020-08-05 @ 16:40
An Attack on Faith-Based Exemptions Is an Attack on the Founders' Vision
Christianity Today 2020-08-05 @ 15:00
A historian's "intentionally provocative" account of religious liberty in America leaves too little room for claims of conscientious dissent. American religious-liberty watchers are likely familiar...
White Fragility: George Yancey Points a Different Way on Race
Christianity Today 2020-08-05 @ 15:00
A summary of George Yancey's academic critique on 'White Fragility' In White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo sought to explain and combat the anger and defensiveness that many white people allegedly have...
Church of England Pensions Board instrumental in launch of Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management
Church of England 2020-08-05 @ 14:18
The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (the Standard), launched today, establishes the first global standard on tailings management
Church of England Pensions Board supports launch of Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management
Church of England 2020-08-05 @ 14:18
The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (the Standard), launched today, establishes the first global standard on tailings management
Church of England Pensions Board co-chairs initiative that today launched a new Net Zero Investment Framework
Church of England 2020-08-05 @ 13:50
New 'Net Zero Investment Framework', issued today, supported by the Church of England Pensions Board.
Church of England Pensions Board joins 70 global investors to launch a new Net Zero Investment Framework
Church of England 2020-08-05 @ 13:50
New 'Net Zero Investment Framework', issued today, supported by the Church of England Pensions Board.
Believers grapple with Beirut blast aftermath
Mission Network News 2020-08-05 @ 09:00
Lebanon (MNN) -- Shock remains in Lebanon following yesterday's catastrophic blast in Beirut. The explosion shook buildings hundreds of feet away, and the death toll continues to rise. "This 'was' a...
August marks six years since ISIS rose to power
Mission Network News 2020-08-05 @ 09:00
Iraq (MNN) -- August marks a dark anniversary. Six years ago, ISIS captured the Nineveh plains in Iraq, including the city of Mosul. They captured and killed Yazidi and Christian men and women with...
Pakistan celebrates a murder, but Christ's kingdom is rapidly growing
Mission Network News 2020-08-05 @ 09:00
Pakistan (MNN) — On July 29, an American citizen and Ahmadiyya Muslim named Tahir Ahmad Naseem was shot and killed in a Pakistani courtroom. His murderer, Khalid Khan, has been treated like a hero...
White Fragility: Why this Book is Important for Evangelicals
Christianity Today 2020-08-05 @ 00:00
DiAngelo's book serves as a reminder that when Christians fail to address issues of individual and systemic sin like white supremacy, the world will address it. In the beginning of Dr. Robin DiAngelo...
Christians Worry Hong Kong's New Law Will Hamper Missions
Christianity Today 2020-08-04 @ 17:00
Recent Chinese regulations on foreign interference extend into the diaspora and raise questions for longstanding ministries. For Christians outside of China who have connections in Hong Kong, or for...
Why Many Christians Want to Leave Palestine. And Why Most Won't.
Christianity Today 2020-08-04 @ 15:00
Survey of a thousand local believers finds majority desire a one-state solution, while few complain about religious freedom. In Bethlehem—the little town of Jesus' birth—only 1 in 5...
Have Your Political Views Become An Idol?
Christianity Today 2020-08-04 @ 15:00
As followers of Christ who are engaging in this process, are we starting to cross a line that shouldn't be crossed? Are your political views and convictions growing in intensity? Are you finding...
US Capitol to Install Billy Graham Statue in 2021
Christianity Today 2020-08-04 @ 14:00
After five years of planning, the Bible-wielding preacher will replace a white supremacist North Carolina governor in the national collection. A life-sized statue of Billy Graham will be installed in...
Church Commissioners announce Head of Responsible Investment
Church of England 2020-08-04 @ 09:51
The Church Commissioners for England announced today the appointment of Bess Joffe as Head of Responsible Investment for the Church Commissioners for England
Will Mali be the next Libya or Syria?
Mission Network News 2020-08-04 @ 09:00
Mali (MNN) -- Mali's latest violence underscores an urgent need for regional stability. Twin attacks on Sunday killed five soldiers and wounded five more. Extremist violence is up 250-percent in West...
MAF flies patients in Haiti during COVID-19
Mission Network News 2020-08-04 @ 09:00
Haiti (MNN) -- An impoverished country faces COVID-19 with sporadic electricity, but Mission Aviation Fellowship is working to bring help and hope in the name of Jesus. COVID-19 in Haiti During COVID...
Ministry in China looks different post-pandemic
Mission Network News 2020-08-04 @ 09:00
China (MNN) -- Around the world, countries like China are rolling back pandemic-related restrictions. During the journey back to a new normal, many ministries are finally able to return to the...
White Fragility: A Conversation on Race and Racism
Christianity Today 2020-08-03 @ 23:00
Introducing a new series discussing 'White Fragility' with perspectives from various Christian leaders. What comes to mind when you hear the term "White Fragility?" The term is striking, unnerving to...
What I Can Learn from the Life and Death of John Lewis
Christianity Today 2020-08-03 @ 19:00
With a gracious spirit and hopeful optimism, John Lewis cast a final vision for a future that should have long already been realized. On Thursday morning I had chills, goosebumps and moist eyes as I...
Brethren Against Brethren: LGBT Fight Divides Peace Church
Christianity Today 2020-08-03 @ 17:00
Departing congregations want stricter enforcement of official positions. A regional body of the Church of the Brethren split late last month over the issue of homosexuality. This is the first...
How Two California Megachurches Kept Worshiping
Christianity Today 2020-08-03 @ 16:00
John MacArthur takes a stand against regulations, while Greg Laurie finds creative ways to comply. Two California churches were so eager to meet last weekend that when their services began...
Interview: N. T. Wright: The Pandemic Should Make Us Humble—and Relentlessly Practical
Christianity Today 2020-08-03 @ 15:00
We can't know for sure why it's happening or how to stop it. But Scripture calls us to grieve with God's Spirit and get to work serving others. Between around-the-clock news reports, interviews with...
Baltimore Pastor Sees Long-Term Solution to Food Insecurity: Black Church Farms
Christianity Today 2020-08-03 @ 12:00
Christian food ministries are stretched to the limit by 2020 needs as crises reveal deeper problems. Some would have seen nothing but a lawn around the black Baptist church in Baltimore, but pastor...
Indian Christians told to renounce their faith or lose aid
Mission Network News 2020-08-03 @ 09:00
India (MNN) -- In several countries with minority Christian populations, believers now face a choice: recant their Christian faith or face starvation as COVID-19 aid is withheld. Greg Kelley from...
SAT-7 combats COVID-19 spiritual, scientific misinformation
Mission Network News 2020-08-03 @ 09:00
MENA (MNN) -- The rise of COVID-19 has seen the rise of another problem: misinformation. Around the world, people struggle to sort through biased, outdated, or simply incorrect information in order...
Wycliffe USA supports missionaries during COVID-19 pandemic
Mission Network News 2020-08-03 @ 09:00
International (MNN) -- Missionaries everywhere have felt the effects of the pandemic, with many forced to either return to the U.S. or minister with limited ability to travel. Andy Keener of Wycliffe...
'I Feel Like I Just Met Jesus Again': Todd White Makes Surprising Shift Away From Past Preaching
CBN - Christian World News 2020-08-02 @ 19:03
Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flag Outside Federal Courthouse
CBN - Christian World News 2020-08-02 @ 18:37
Promise Keepers' Comeback Event Goes Virtual
Christianity Today 2020-07-31 @ 20:00
Tony Evans and Michael W. Smith on the lineup for the first major program of the men's movement in nearly a decade. Thirty years ago, a Christian men's movement began as a meeting of dozens of men...
Obeying God Rather than Men? A Constitutional Scholar on What's Really a Religious Liberty Issue
Christianity Today 2020-07-31 @ 17:00
John Inazu on religious liberty and loving one other during the pandemic. Ed: How should we be thinking about restrictions on worship during the pandemic? John: The details of restrictions will vary...
California Court Reissues Rape Charges Against Leader of Mexico's Largest Church
Christianity Today 2020-07-31 @ 16:00
Update: After a procedural technicality, the criminal case against the head of La Luz del Mundo continues. California has once again charged the leader of a Mexican megachurch with child rape and...
Scripture Calls Churches to Build a Just Society. Here's How.
Christianity Today 2020-07-31 @ 13:00
Systemic justice is unabashed obedience to what the Bible has always taught. In the aftermath of George Floyd's death and as protests raged across our country, I found myself in recurring...
As Hagia Sophia converted to mosque, SAT-7 explores Turkey’s Christian legacy
Mission Network News 2020-07-31 @ 09:00
Turkey (MNN) — The Hagia Sophia is now open as a mosque. The ancient Christian church had been used as a museum since 1934, celebrating the cultural diversity of Turkey. The conversion has caused a...
Pandemic provides space for ministry innovation
Mission Network News 2020-07-31 @ 09:00
International (MNN) -- An ancient Chinese proverb reads: "When the winds of change blow, some people build walls. Others build windmills." It's a quote often used to inspire innovation – something...
Seminaries reopen in China – but where are the students?
Mission Network News 2020-07-31 @ 09:00
China (MNN) -- While most of the world is still in the trenches with COIVID-19, some regions are starting to look to the future. China, once ground zero for the pandemic, has seen loser lockdown...
Keep Your Distance: Words of Advice for Churches from the Surgeon General
Christianity Today 2020-07-31 @ 01:00
Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States, offered important medical guidance for faith communities today. Ed Stetzer: There is a growing pressure from congregations of all faiths to begin...
Alabama Pastor Resigns After Praying at KKK Leader's Birthday
Christianity Today 2020-07-30 @ 18:00
Baptist leaders said the controversy was not good for his church. A 30-year-old Baptist pastor in Alabama stepped down from leadership at his country church due to the controversy surrounding his...
Mars Mission: Filling the Earth and Beyond
Christianity Today 2020-07-30 @ 17:00
Our cosmic calling and the creatures we take with us. We live in an age of wonder when the boundaries of the earth seem to be more porous than ever before. Our reach extends beyond the atmosphere. We...
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