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Indian Government Regulation Squeezes Christian Charities
Christianity Today 2021-03-03 @ 05:00
Nonprofit licenses revoked, leaving millions without help. For Christians trying to care for the poor in India, there is always a need for more prayer, more hands, and more money. Much of that money...
Tanzania's President Focused on Prayer as Coronavirus Cases Climbed
Christianity Today 2021-03-02 @ 22:00
East African nation has no plans in place to accept COVID-19 vaccines. Tanzania's president is finally acknowledging that his country has a coronavirus problem after claiming for months that the...
Race and the Church
Christianity Today 2021-03-02 @ 21:00
A discussion on identity, faith, and the pursuit of justice. Last year, CT's "Race Set Before Us" series helped challenge and inform Christians during a season of reckoning, lament, and heightened...
Evangelist Luis Palau Enters Hospice Care After 3-Year Battle With Lung Cancer
CBN - Christian World News 2021-03-02 @ 19:39
Christian Lawyers Fight COVID-19 Home Evictions
Christianity Today 2021-03-02 @ 19:00
At legal aid clinics, attorneys ask "Who would Jesus represent in court?" Ken Liu reads the Bible like an attorney. When Proverbs 31:9 says to "defend the rights of the poor and needy" and Psalm 82:3...
Framing Critical Race Theory
Christianity Today 2021-03-02 @ 19:00
Introducing a new series on Critical Race Theory: its merits, flaws, and how (or even if) Christians should engage. It's likely you've heard the term "Critical Race Theory," or "CRT" for short, more...
Conservative United Methodists Plan Breakaway Denomination
Christianity Today 2021-03-02 @ 16:00
The new Global Methodist Church will leave the UMC regardless of the General Conference decision, which has been delayed until 2022. Conservative United Methodists have chosen a name for the...
Nigerian Governor Says 279 Kidnapped Schoolgirls are Freed
CBN - Christian World News 2021-03-02 @ 09:53
Bethany Christian Will Allow LGBT Parents to Foster and Adopt
Christianity Today 2021-03-01 @ 21:00
The largest Christian adoption agency is now calling on "Christians with diverse beliefs" as it aims to serve more children under a new inclusion policy. Bethany Christian Services, the largest...
Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria Say They Will Execute Christian Pastor Wednesday if Demands Not Met
CBN - Christian World News 2021-03-01 @ 19:54
Why Christians Who Speak Jesus' Language Can't Agree on Their Name
Christianity Today 2021-03-01 @ 19:00
It took Aramaic speakers 1,500 years to agree on Christology, now their main debate is over Assyrian identity. Could Pope Francis' visit to Iraq encourage unity? Pope Francis' upcoming visit to Iraq...
When Violent Nationalism Backfired for God's People
Christianity Today 2021-03-01 @ 02:00
Jesus saw the disastrous end of faith-fueled zealotry and warned against it. In the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Jesus stands amid a fanatical crowd bellowing out their devotion to him. Simon the...
Introducing: Surprised by Grief
Christianity Today 2021-02-28 @ 15:00
On our new podcast, Daniel Harrell and Clarissa Moll discuss how sudden loss shapes the grief experience and influences the spiritual lives of those left behind. When the phone rings in the night...
Official Reports 42 Abducted From Nigerian School 2 Weeks ago Set Free
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-27 @ 13:45
'I'm Following the Cross': Why Shahbaz Bhatti Died Defending Asia Bibi
Christianity Today 2021-02-26 @ 21:00
Ten years after Pakistan's highest Christian official was martyred, religious freedom advocates apply his life's lessons. "Shahbaz is dead." I received the shocking news 10 years ago this week, as I...
The Common Values That Increase Trust Between Science and Faith
Christianity Today 2021-02-26 @ 21:00
Elaine Howard Ecklund examines curiosity, shalom and other virtues that scientists and Christians share. In the midst of a global pandemic, some Christian approaches to science have received...
Biden Urged to Include Persecuted Prisoners in Nuclear Deal: 'The Iranian Government Must Be Held Accountable'
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-26 @ 20:44
Little Easters Get Us Through a Long Lent
Christianity Today 2021-02-26 @ 20:00
Setting Sundays aside for joy infuses our grief with some glory. The season of Lent provides a rich time of confession and prayer and is often accompanied by fasting from food or other indulgences. I...
Hundreds of Nigerian Schoolgirls Taken in Mass Abduction
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-26 @ 11:41
Charles Spurgeon Knew It Was Possible to Be Faithful and Depressed
Christianity Today 2021-02-25 @ 20:00
How his example can encourage believers who "walk in darkness, and see no light." For Charles Spurgeon, the celebrated 19th-century preacher, depression was more than just circumstantial. When he...
And Campaign to Add 13 New Chapters During Pandemic
Christianity Today 2021-02-25 @ 20:00
Political tensions and growing racial awareness have fueled interest in its message of social justice and biblical morality. The And Campaign—the organization rallying urban Christians to "fait...
Iraq's Struggling Christians Hope for Boost from Pope Francis Visit
Christianity Today 2021-02-25 @ 06:00
Landmark trip will include Qaraqosh, where most families fled ISIS yet some are now trying to restore the Christian heartland of the Nineveh Plains. Nasser Banyameen speaks about his hometown of...
A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
Christianity Today 2021-02-25 @ 05:00
The charges against him don't make sense. And his day in court has been delayed again and again. Every day, at least once and sometimes more, Khalil el-Halabi logs on to Twitter and posts pictures...
Died: Celebrate Recovery Founder John Baker, Who Shifted Evangelicals' Approach to Addiction
Christianity Today 2021-02-24 @ 21:00
The Saddleback Church pastor developed the popular Christ-centered 12-step program for "hurts, habits, and hang-ups." Celebrate Recovery founder John Baker, who turned his testimony recovering from...
'I Will Not Leave Jesus Christ': Indian Couple Banished From Village for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-24 @ 18:57
Black Church Group Offers Its Best Shot at Closing Vaccine Gap
Christianity Today 2021-02-24 @ 16:00
To reach the most vulnerable, leaders say vaccine sites have to set up in hard-hit neighborhoods and let churches spread the word. As the nation passed 500,000 coronavirus deaths this week...
Southern Baptists Expel Two More Churches Over Abuse
Christianity Today 2021-02-24 @ 01:00
Top leaders address divides in the denomination at the first in-person Executive Committee meeting in a year. At its first in-person meeting since the pandemic took off a year ago, the Southern...
Most 'Nones' Still Keep the Faith
Christianity Today 2021-02-23 @ 20:00
When research looks beyond affiliation, the move away from religious institutions becomes more nuanced. I pastor an American Baptist church in a small town in rural Illinois. When the current...
'I Was in the Final Stages of a Catastrophic Event': Voddie Baucham Now Receiving Treatment for Heart Failure
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-23 @ 17:34
If Muslims Can Build Churches in Egypt, Has Persecution Ended?
Christianity Today 2021-02-23 @ 01:00
With a Christian activist in jail and a grandmother humiliated, religious freedom advocates weigh the value of progress in church legalization and public rhetoric. Egyptian Christians have long...
Palestinian Christians Promised an Outsized Voice in New Legislature
Christianity Today 2021-02-23 @ 00:00
President Mahmoud Abbas gives Christians a quota of 7 seats in first elections in West Bank and Gaza since 2006. President Mahmoud Abbas has guaranteed that at least seven seats of a new legislative...
Who Will Save Algeria's Closed Churches: the UN, US, or Hirak?
Christianity Today 2021-02-22 @ 18:00
World body challenges North African nation over its treatment of Christians, while local evangelical leaders take heart in renewed protests. Algeria's Christians hope that a one-two punch may reopen...
Our Pilgrimage Through Lent
Christianity Today 2021-02-22 @ 14:00
A historian weighs in on how the medieval tradition can shape the days leading up to Easter. One of my pet peeves is receiving an email during the latter part of Lent with the sign-off "Happy Easter...
Reading While Not Black
Christianity Today 2021-02-22 @ 14:00
How a group of white church planters learned to listen to African Americans and build a better Christian community. We didn't know anything about critical race theory. Or implicit bias. There was no...
A Lesson From Esther, for Such a Time as This
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-21 @ 21:33
What the Heavens Declared to a Young Astronomer
Christianity Today 2021-02-19 @ 21:00
How I learned that the same God who numbered the stars knew and loved me personally. I grew up a Jewish boy in a South African gold-mining town known as Krugersdorp. I remember sitting in shul (synago...
Canadian Baptists Push Race Conversation Beyond Black History Month
Christianity Today 2021-02-19 @ 19:00
With new president, Atlantic churches seek fuller reckoning with complicated history. Rhonda Britton typically gets invited to preach at white churches one month of the year—February. She's...
USCIRF Commissioner: Saudi Arabia 'Moving in the Right Direction' Toward Religious Freedom
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-19 @ 17:20
Interview: The Middle East Church Must Resemble Salt, not Rabbits
Christianity Today 2021-02-19 @ 17:00
New leader of Middle East Council of Churches says the quality of believers preserves their witness, if not their numbers. Pope Francis will make the first papal visit ever to Iraq in March to...
20 Truths from 'How to Revive Evangelism' by Craig Springer
Christianity Today 2021-02-19 @ 16:00
"Evangelism training should have as its utmost priority developing and training great listeners." "In the US especially, the instinct to evangelize is eroding. No matter how much our walk with Jesus...
Canadian Pastor Jailed Over COVID-19 Violations
Christianity Today 2021-02-19 @ 16:00
Authorities found his church continued to meet as normal over months rather than comply with capacity, mask, and distancing regulations.  A Canadian pastor arrested for violating public health...
Lent Is a Time to Sing the Blues
Christianity Today 2021-02-19 @ 14:00
In the American music of brokenness and sorrow, my church learns to long for God's restoration. I was told once that during Lent, you don't sing songs with the word hallelujah in them. I had never...
560 UK Churches Ready to Welcome Hong Kong Wave
Christianity Today 2021-02-18 @ 20:00
British Christians seek to learn from past Windrush mistakes in their nation's largest planned migration in 50 years. Last Sunday, a local Chinese church's multilingual service was broadcast live on...
Ravi Zacharias's Denomination Revokes Ordination
Christianity Today 2021-02-18 @ 20:00
The Christian and Missionary Alliance finds "pattern of predatory behavior" but defends handling of previous accusation. Ravi Zacharias was best known for the apologetics ministry that bears his name...
'Praying that God Protects Us': Killing Continues as Witnesses Recall Massacre of 800 at Church in Ethiopia
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-18 @ 19:00
Witnesses Recall Church Massacre in Ethiopia's Holy City of Axum
Christianity Today 2021-02-18 @ 19:00
Hundreds killed by Eritrean soldiers, alleges deacon at the Church of St. Mary of Zion, which Ethiopian Orthodox believe hosts the Ark of the Covenant. Bodies with gunshot wounds lay in the streets...
2 Pakistani Christians Charged with Blasphemy Just for Studying Bible in Local Park
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-18 @ 18:27
Fleeing Tyranny for Freedom: 500 UK Churches Welcoming Thousands of Hong Kongers Escaping Communism
CBN - Christian World News 2021-02-18 @ 15:51
When I Had No Heat, You Welcomed Me: Texas Churches Offer Refuge
Christianity Today 2021-02-17 @ 22:00
With freezes knocking out power across the state, ministry networks rally to help. In the deep freeze that has taken electricity from millions, cut water supply, iced roads, and disrupted...
Is there a Doctor in the Church?
Christianity Today 2021-02-17 @ 20:00
Continuing our ongoing series on whether or not church leaders need PhDs. "Should I pursue a doctorate?..." Many pastors and others in ministry with a theological masters degree have asked themselves...
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