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A Prayer to Love God's Word - Your Daily Prayer - May 20 2022-05-20 @ 05:05
Loving to read the Bible can be a struggle at first. But God can and will cultivate your desire for His Word.
Why Are We Told to Wait on the Lord? 2022-05-20 @ 04:00
Chris Swanson
Young Ukrainian Orphan Girl and Grandmother Find Safety, Comfort in CBN Refugee Home
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-19 @ 21:11
Evangelical Pro-Lifers Clash Over Criminalizing Abortion
Christianity Today 2022-05-19 @ 19:00
Ahead of a potential ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, Founders Ministries' Tom Ascol and other "abolitionists" voice opposition to longstanding "incremental" approach, calling for penalties for women...
Why Downsizing Evangelical Seminaries is a Bad Thing
Christianity Today 2022-05-19 @ 18:00
The short-term financial gain of selling a residential campus doesn't outweigh the long-term loss of embodied community. There is no good news coming from freestanding seminaries, and there hasn't...
Downton Abbey: A New Era
Catholic News Service 2022-05-19 @ 16:05
NEW YORK (CNS) — It’s been three long years since Maggie Smith’s tart-tongued matriarch, Violet...
Military members visiting Lourdes make prayer kits for Ukrainian soldiers
Catholic News Service 2022-05-19 @ 14:08
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (CNS) — Participants in an annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, for U.S....
Cathedrals have a mission to show the 'heart of Jesus' to a suffering world, Archbishop tells conference
Church of England 2022-05-19 @ 13:27
The Archbishop of York has encouraged cathedrals to continue to ask the 'hard missional questions' about how to transmit the good news of Jesus Christ in a world suffering from confusion and...
Exodus, Judges, or Nehemiah: Lebanon's Evangelicals Assess Surprising Election Victory
Christianity Today 2022-05-19 @ 12:00
Amid a rapidly collapsing nation, Christians hope surge of new politicians opposed to traditional sectarian parties will follow biblical parallels. On the eve of Lebanon's parliamentary elections...
How to Become a Better Reader (2022) 2022-05-19 @ 10:05
One of the most frequent questions I get is how I keep up with culture. My stock answer is to read voraciously. Then the follow-up comes: How can I become a better reader? Borrowing a phrase from...
Pentecost - First15 - May 19 2022-05-19 @ 05:05
God's presence is real, full of love, and completely transformational. It takes what was broken and brings healing. It takes what was lost and guides us to our rightful place in the Father.
What Is the Origin of 'Idle Hands Are the Devil's Workshop'? 2022-05-19 @ 04:00
Madeline Kalu
After Shooting, Churches Navigate China-Taiwan Tensions Under the Surface
Christianity Today 2022-05-18 @ 21:00
While Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has historic ties to the push for independence, most Chinese congregations in the US avoid highlighting the ongoing political polarization. As soon as they heard...
Seven Trials, Two Dangers, and One Underappreciated Book
Christianity Today 2022-05-18 @ 20:00
Church leaders care too much about numbers and too little about Numbers. It is widely recognized that pastors are too interested in numbers. Buildings, budgets, baptisms, bums on seats: If it can be...
The Gospel Doesn't Always Have to Come with a House Key
Christianity Today 2022-05-18 @ 18:00
The power of introverted hospitality in an extroverted world of church ministry. Perhaps the most difficult area for me as an introverted Christian woman and pastor's wife has been the biblical call...
Beatification near for founder of Society for the Propagation of the Faith
Catholic News Service 2022-05-18 @ 17:30
WASHINGTON (CNS) — In 1822, a young and rich French woman, Pauline Jaricot, founded the...
Buffalo Pastors Respond to Loss of Community 'Pillars'
Christianity Today 2022-05-18 @ 17:04
After a mass shooting targeting Black grocery store customers, local Christians consider all they lost. Soon after a white 18-year-old shooter targeted Black customers of a community grocery store in...
Catholic college graduates praised for pandemic resilience
Catholic News Service 2022-05-18 @ 15:51
WASHINGTON (CNS) — At Catholic college and university graduation ceremonies across the country, speakers praised...
Buffalo bishop lays flowers, personal prayer at mass shooting memorial
Catholic News Service 2022-05-18 @ 15:38
BUFFALO, N.Y. (CNS) — Bishop Michael W. Fisher of Buffalo joined mourners outside a Tops...
Understanding Americans’ abortion views from poll results not always easy
Catholic News Service 2022-05-18 @ 09:41
WASHINGTON (CNS) — How to make sense of Americans’ attitudes toward abortion? It isn’t easy....
Do not be afraid to vent to God, have faith in his justice, pope says
Catholic News Service 2022-05-18 @ 09:31
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis praised the way people have faced the trials and...
Shaped by the Savior - The Crosswalk Devotional - May 18 2022-05-18 @ 05:05
God created us for a purpose – to bring Him glory.
What Is the Significance of the Catholic Rosary? 2022-05-18 @ 04:00
Dolores Smyth
Franklin Graham Preaches Gospel in UK Despite Facing Anti-Christian Discrimination
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-17 @ 22:26
Leading Psychologist Bridges Trauma Healing and the Black Church
Christianity Today 2022-05-17 @ 19:00
Incoming American Psychological Association president Thema Bryant's "psychology for the people" approach is already helping break Christian stigmas around therapy. Thema Bryant's calling to...
Canadian archbishop, Cowessess chief seek new ways of ‘walking together’
Catholic News Service 2022-05-17 @ 18:32
SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (CNS) — Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation and Archbishop Donald...
This Grandma Was Arrested for Praying Silently While Walking Outside: 'Chilling Effect on Freedom'
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-17 @ 18:25
Family Camp
Catholic News Service 2022-05-17 @ 15:45
NEW YORK (CNS) — There’s some good news about the evangelical comedy “Family Camp” (Roadside):...
Gordon-Conwell to Sell Main Campus, Move to Boston
Christianity Today 2022-05-17 @ 15:00
After a decade of enrollment decline, leaders began to see the seminary's biggest financial asset as a liability. They hope relocation could be the big change they need. After years of declining...
Cathedrals can light the way to Net Zero - Bishop
Church of England 2022-05-17 @ 14:30
England's ancient cathedrals could be in the 'vanguard' of technological development needed to reach Net Zero.
Biden administration defends giving migrant children baby formula
Catholic News Service 2022-05-17 @ 14:05
WASHINGTON (CNS) — The White House said providing baby formula to migrants at the border,...
Poverty driving children into forced labor must be tackled, pope says
Catholic News Service 2022-05-17 @ 10:10
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Poverty and inequality, which are major factors in child labor exploitation,...
Names of Jesus -- Great High Priest 2022-05-17 @ 10:00
God sent his Son, who paid our impossible debt with the currency of his perfect life. Jesus is the only high priest who can truly bear us into God's presence, obliterating the debt we owe.
The Power of His Blood - Girlfriends in God - May 17, 2022 2022-05-17 @ 05:05
God not only forgives the past, but He also clothes us in righteousness as though we had never committed a sin. The price? The death of His Son on the cross.
5 Tips for Managing Anxiety 2022-05-17 @ 04:00
Vivian Bricker
Death of a Biblical Worldview in America: Most Parents of Young Children Don't Believe in Jesus for Salvation
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-16 @ 20:54
'God Gave Us Mercy': Samaritan's Purse Airlifts Ukrainians to Safety in Canada
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-16 @ 19:53
What Is Antisemitism? Evangelicals Favor Different Definitions
Christianity Today 2022-05-16 @ 19:00
European Evangelical Alliance becomes latest Christian group to sign onto IHRA working definition. Others favor Jerusalem Declaration alternative. In a solemn ceremony last month at the World...
NK Authorities Murder Christians for Secretly Worshipping Jesus, Innocent Relatives Arrested, Imprisoned, Tortured
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-16 @ 18:43
Asian American Catholic woman takes pride in culture’s overlooked saints
Catholic News Service 2022-05-16 @ 17:02
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Asian Americans are a distinct minority in the United States. Those who...
First Pastor to Defy COVID-19 Lockdowns Wins in Court
Christianity Today 2022-05-16 @ 15:36
Following several earlier decisions siding with religious groups, the leader of a Oneness Pentecostal congregation in Louisiana declares, "Devil, you just got dethroned." Tony Spell, the first pastor...
Bishops express sorrow, condemn racially motivated shooting in Buffalo
Catholic News Service 2022-05-16 @ 12:10
WASHINGTON (CNS) — Several U.S. Catholic bishops expressed sorrow and called out racism and gun...
Caritas has assisted more than 1.2 million people in Ukraine, leaders say
Catholic News Service 2022-05-16 @ 10:30
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Facing the trauma of conflict requires love and hope, and Caritas...
If the Letter Fits 2022-05-16 @ 10:05
The "Seven Letters to the Seven Churches" is one of the more well-known and frequently taught sections of the book of Revelation. Most expositors like to focus on Laodicea, and it is fun to exegete...
Elderly Taiwanese Church in California Attacked by Shooter
Christianity Today 2022-05-16 @ 05:53
Members showed "exceptional heroism and bravery" as they overtook the gunman, who killed one person and wounded five. A celebratory Sunday luncheon for the former pastor of a Taiwanese congregation...
What Does God Promise Us? - iBelieve Truth: A Devotional for Women - May 16 2022-05-16 @ 05:05
Our Scripture passage today underlines God's faithfulness.
What Does it Mean to Repent and Be Baptized? 2022-05-16 @ 04:00
Candice Lucey
Jordan Peterson Tells Graduates Faith 'Is a Form of Courage, 'Warns Them of the 'Devil at the Crossroads'
CBN - Christian World News 2022-05-15 @ 12:52
UPDATE: Saints’ lives prove God’s love for all, pope says at canonization Mass
Catholic News Service 2022-05-15 @ 08:01
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The lives of the saints prove that holiness is not an...
A Faith Worth Passing Down - In Touch - May 14/15 2022-05-15 @ 05:05
The most precious thing we can pass down to children is our faith.
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