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And Now, the Star of the Show....
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 18:00
How we inadvertently create a cult of personality around our preachers. Here is the "most effective" and terrible sermon illustration I've ever used: One day my wife and I were arguing about...
The 13 Persecuted Christians Chosen by the State Department to Share Their Stories with the World
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 17:00
At this week's second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, 30 survivors from all faiths were given a global platform in Washington DC. At this week's Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom...
Pompeo: Why We’re Hosting the World’s Biggest Event on Religious Persecution
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 17:00
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explains to CT why the State Department is hosting a second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom this week. CT: Why hold a second ministerial on religious freedom...
New England Cities Named Most ‘Post-Christian’
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 17:00
Barna’s rankings spur pastors in secularizing spots—in the Northeast and across the country—to continue working and praying for revival. Eight locales in the Northeast and New England...
Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 17:00
CT’s 1958 interview provides some bearing on today's missions to the sun, Mars and beyond. It seems like so long ago that a moonshot was just a moonshot. Today, "moonshot" has come to mean an...
One-on-One with Gary Nelson on the Decline of Christendom
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 17:00
“The church needs to re-introduce itself as a place, as a possibility, and as a neighborhood impact, as opposed to a place people ‘attend’ or ‘go’.” Ed: One of the things you talk about...
Central African bishop negotiates peace settlements in government's absence (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 11:07
The nation of 5.8 million is 25% Catholic, 25% Protestant, and 15% Muslim, with 35% retaining indigenous beliefs. Pope Francis made an apostolic journey to the war-torn nation in 2015.
The Met marks da Vinci anniversary with rare Vatican loan (Art & Object)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 11:07
When he was 31, the Italian artist began to paint the unfinished Saint Jerome Praying in the Wilderness.
Regional bishops call for protection of Congo River basin, tropical forest (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 11:07
"The major challenge is how to safeguard this strategic reserve for humanity — this lung in the heart of Africa—given the demographic pressure facing our countries," said Bishop Donatien...
Papal foundation weighs proposals for 138 development projects in Latin America (Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 11:07
Pope St. John Paul II founded the Populorum Progressio Foundation (Spanish-language link) in 1992.
When Islamic State came, the monks had just finished hiding the manuscripts (Catholic Herald)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 11:07
The Syriac Catholic Mar Behnam Monastery in Khidr, Iraq, was desecrated in 2015. It is currently being restored.
Vatican newspaper criticizes EU nations that adopt independent, populist approach to immigration (L'Osservatore Romano (Italian edition))
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 10:07
In a front-page op-ed article ("Between sovereignisms and solidarity"), Giuseppe Fiorentino, the vice-editor of L'Osservatore Romano, criticized "sovereignisms" and "populisms" that have prevented...
Ghana's leading prelate: We must 'reaffirm strongly the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage' (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 10:07
"Divorce or separation is a serious wound to the indissolubility of the marriage bond and the good of marriage in general," said Archbishop Philip Naameh, president of the Ghana Bishops' Conference...
Survivors of religious persecution speak at Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom (US Department of State)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 10:07
Participants in the 2nd Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom heard from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Yezidi survivors of religious persecution, as well as from ambassadors, cabinet ministers...
Trump abortion rule deals 'devastating blow' to Planned Parenthood, group says (Fox News)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 10:07
Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chairman of the US bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, praised the rule separating abortion from Title X family planning while voicing "strong objections to...
Partnership: the lifeblood of ministry
Mission Network News 2019-07-17 @ 10:00
International (MNN) -- You’ve probably heard the proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It’s especially true in the Great Commission...
Language gap highlights Deaf need for Scripture
Mission Network News 2019-07-17 @ 10:00
International (MNN) -- Often found in U.S. news headlines, terms like “gender gap” and “wealth gap” describe inequality in opportunities and income. Did you know there’s a “language gap,...
Religious freedom summit underway
Mission Network News 2019-07-17 @ 10:00
USA (MNN) – This week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially convened the 2nd Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, which wraps up tomorrow. The summit brings together 1,000 foreign...
Cardinal Müller rips working document for Amazon Synod (CNA)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
Cardinal Gerhard Müllehr as issued a strong statement criticizing the working document for the Amazon Synod. The former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sees the...
Rome plans campaign against ticket scalpers at Vatican Museums (Crux)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
Police in Rome are taking action against profiteers who profiteers who charge exorbitant prices for "skip-the-line" tickets to the Vatican Museums. Conscious of the long lines for entry, especially...
Bombed cathedral reopens in Philippines (Fides)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
The Catholic cathedral in Jolo, in the Philippines, was reopened for worship on July 16. The cathedral, located in the southwest of the country's archipelago, had been badly damaged in a January 27...
Religious restrictions on the rise worldwide (Pew Forum)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
A Pew Foundation survey has found that restrictions on religious activities have "increased markedly around the world" in the past decade. The Pew study cited restrictive laws and government policies...
Russian Orthodox Church considers ban on blessing weapons of mass destruction (RNS)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
The report comes as the United States and Russia discuss nuclear arms limits. Comparing nuclear weapons to guardian angels, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, chairman of the Synodal Department for the...
Planned Parenthood ousts president in policy dispute (Washington Post)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
Leana Wen has been removed from her post as president of the Planned Parenthood Federation after just eight months. The board of Planned Parenthood did not explain the move, but informed sources said...
Vatican official: Christians face 'complete purge' in some countries, discrimination in democracies (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
The Under-Secretary for Relations with States, Msgr. Antoine Camilleri, spoke at the Rome release of the UK report on the worldwide persecution of Christians. "Even in established democracies," the...
Influential bishop hopes Amazon Synod will move toward women's ordination (LifeSite News)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
A bishop serving on the preparatory commission for the Amazon Synod has indicated that he hopes the meeting will recommend the ordination of women—"at least" to the diaconate—and of...
Filippine bishops issue pastoral letter on 'climate emergency' (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
The Catholic bishops of the Philippines have issued a pastoral letter making an "urgent call for ecological conversion, hope in the face of climate emergency."
Notre Dame was close to collapse, New York Times reports (New York Times)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
An exclusive report in the New York Times reveals that the basilica of Notre Dame in Paris was close to collapse during a fire in April. The Times shows, in an interactive report, how the main...
Professor charges American prelates with schism (La Croix)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
In an article for La Croix denouncing conservative critics of Pope Francis, Massimo Faggioli says that some American bishops as well as lay political leaders are "devout schismatics." He names...
Parents in UK seek to move comatose child to Italy for treatment (CNA)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 09:07
In a case with overtones of the "Alfie Evans" case, the parents of a comatose 5-year-old girl have asked for court permission to move their child to Italy, after doctors in a London hospital said...
USCCB president condemns threat of widespread enforcement actions, new rule drastically limiting asylum (USCCB)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 08:07
On July 14, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) launched a nationwide deportation sweep that President Donald Trump had announced, delayed, and re-announced. On July 16, an interim final rule...
Abbey Psalms and Canticles will gradually be incorporated into Lectionary, Liturgy of the Hours (USCCB)
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 08:07
The translation, prepared by the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, will be "more accurate and more conducive to singing and recitation," according to US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Holy...
UK report finds that worldwide persecution of Christians is growing in scope, severity (
Catholic World News 2019-07-17 @ 08:07
The report was commissioned by British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and written by the Rt. Rev. Philip Mounstephen, Anglican bishop of Truro. The final report's publication follows an interim report...
Korean Church Court Dodges Decision on Pastoral Succession
Christianity Today 2019-07-17 @ 06:00
Denomination delays verdict on how Myungsung, the world’s largest Presbyterian church, passed its pulpit from father to son. The two-year saga embroiling the world's largest Presbyterian church...
British Govt Report: Christians #1 Persecuted Religious Group in the World, Persecution Still On The Rise
CBN - Christian World News 2019-07-17 @ 00:09
Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom Conference Hears Tearful Testimonies 
CBN - Christian World News 2019-07-16 @ 23:36
Are Evangelicals More Empathetic?
Christianity Today 2019-07-16 @ 18:00
Analysis on recent survey results may provide Christians with some encouragement—and reproof. I got some terrific responses to my previous articlethat focused on how religious faith can lead...
Interview: Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
Christianity Today 2019-07-16 @ 15:00
How human reason alone can lay a pathway from doubt to belief. Many skeptics are open to the possibility that God exists, but they're uncomfortable affirming it on the basis of biblical authority or...
Vatican dicastery issues statement on death of Vincent Lambert (Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 10:07
"The world has once again been stunned by the inexplicably relentless suppression of innocent and fragile human life," the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life said in a statement lamenting "an ever-i...
In Iraq, a new Catholic hospital and university bring hope to an embattled Christian community (Aid to the Church in Need)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 10:07
The institutions are located in Erbil, a city of 2 million that is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan (map).
Bethlehem Bible College celebrates 40 years
Mission Network News 2019-07-16 @ 10:00
Palestine (MNN) – This year marks 40 years that Bethlehem Bible College has educated believers in Palestine. Dr. Bishara Awad, a man described with a heart aching for young people who desire to...
Christian teenagers accused of blasphemy, jailed in Pakistan
Mission Network News 2019-07-16 @ 10:00
Pakistan (MNN) – Strict blasphemy laws continue to upend the lives of Christians in Pakistan*. Two Christian teenagers were recently arrested for blasphemy charges in the Punjab province. Sunny...
Regulations force creative solutions for Christians in Asia
Mission Network News 2019-07-16 @ 10:00
Asia (MNN) -- What would you do for a copy of the New Testament? In countries where open evangelism of the Gospel is illegal or dangerous, anti-Christian sentiments make scripture inaccessible for...
Catholic Charities USA 'strongly opposes' ICE deportation raids (Catholic Charities USA)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
"The threats of deportation and family separation are causing anxiety and fear within the vulnerable communities our agencies serve, endangering immigrant rights and safety," said Sister Donna...
A closer look at how religious restrictions have risen around the world (Pew Research Center)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
"Since 2007, increasing number of countries have high/very high levels of government restrictions on religion [and] social hostilities involving religion," according to the report.
Iconic glass-paned California church converted to Catholic cathedral (AP)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
"It would have cost hundreds of millions to build from scratch, and this was a godsend when we were able to get this in bankruptcy," Auxiliary Bishop Timothy Freyer said of Robert Schuller's Crystal...
Cardinal-patriarch fears Iraq could be caught in middle of a US-Iran conflict (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
Born in 1948, Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako has led the Chaldean Catholic Church since 2013. The church is among the Eastern Catholic churches in full communion with the Holy See.
Peruvian bishops appeal for calm, dialogue after president revives copper project (Fides)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
Opponents fear that the proposed Tia Maria mine will pollute water supplies and harm regional agriculture, the Reuters news agency reported.
'We must honor the humanity and basic needs of migrants,' 3 leading US prelates declare (The Hill)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo (president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops), Archbishop José Gomez (USCCB vice president), and Bishop Joe Vásquez (chairman of the USCCB Committee on...
Bishop offers to mediate as Dominican Republic faces constitutional crisis (Fides)
Catholic World News 2019-07-16 @ 09:07
Danilo Medina, the president of the Caribbean nation, is seeking a change to the nation's constitution so that he may run for a 3rd consecutive term.
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