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The Business of Evangelical Book Publishing Is Business
Christianity Today 2019-12-12 @ 00:00
Or is it faith? Or some complex combination of both? The evangelist Billy Sunday wasn't afraid to try something new. He would jump on top of a pulpit if he thought it would get attention. He would...
Pastors Need Friends Born for Adversity
Christianity Today 2019-12-11 @ 17:00
When beloved congregants turned on me, who could I trust for advice? Not too many years ago I got lost in the woods near Linville, a small village high in the North Carolina mountains. I had been the...
Solar Light of the World: Evangelicals Launch Global Clean Energy Campaign
Christianity Today 2019-12-11 @ 16:00
The initiative aims to convert 1 in 5 WEA churches and institutions to renewable power by 2025. Solar panels could be coming soon to a church near you. Through a campaign called Project 20.'25, the...
Inspired Questions: A New Approach to Prison Ministry
Christianity Today 2019-12-11 @ 16:00
As we intentionally draw attention to the Scriptures, which reveal Jesus’s power, presence, ministry, words, deeds, miracles, and wisdom, we should also give concerted attention to the very...
The How and the Why of Writing as a Christian
Christianity Today 2019-12-11 @ 16:00
An experienced editor shows how well-crafted words can help us serve God and neighbor. Rarely does an aspiring writer get invited to sit with an ink-dyed editor to hash over the finer points of...
Islamist militia has slaughtered hundreds of Nigerian Christians this year, report finds (Church Times)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
The report, published by the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, follows a fact-finding mission by Baroness Caroline Cox, 82, a member of the House of Lords and a Third Order Anglican Franciscan.
Pope, in general audience, reflects on trials, persecution suffered by St. Paul (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
On May 29, Pope Francis began a new series of Wednesday general audiences devoted to the Acts of the Apostles. On December 11 (video), the Pope discussed "how with the passage of time, Paul's...
Vatican cardinal holds 'brainstorming meeting' with staff of World Council of Churches (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
350 Protestant and Orthodox communities are members of the World Council of Churches. The theme of the meeting, hosted by the president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, was "Serv...
Pope makes surprise visit to crèche exhibition (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
A week after the publication of Pope Francis's apostolic letter Admirabile Signum (On the Meaning and Importance of the Nativity Scene), the Vatican has begun a five-week exhibition of 100 crèche...
A year after attack on Strasbourg Christmas market, 2 arrested for pledging allegiance to ISIS there (RTL (French Radio))
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
A year after the 2018 Strasbourg attack, two Chechens traveled to the market and publicly pledged allegiance to ISIS, leading to their arrest.
US commission raises alarm about speech laws that restrict religious freedom in Africa (USCIRF)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has released a report examining "Apostasy, Blasphemy, and Hate Speech Laws in Africa: Implications for Freedom of Religion or Belief."
Vatican hosts symposium on palliative care and elderly mental health (Pontifical Academy for Life)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 10:12
In partnership with the Qatar-based World Innovation Summit for Health and the British Medical Journal, the Pontifical Academy of Life is hosting a symposium devoted to "Christian, Islamic and...
LSESD: Empowering the Church in Lebanon
Mission Network News 2019-12-11 @ 10:00
Lebanon (MNN) – God is opening doors in the Middle East through the work of local Christians. One ministry that supports that work is the Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development, or...
Protests in Lebanon reach seventh week
Mission Network News 2019-12-11 @ 10:00
Lebanon (MNN) -- Protests in Lebanon are finishing their seventh week with no end in sight. The unrest shut down the capital city of Beirut. Although the prime minister resigned at the end of October...
How to reach people for Christ from your living room couch
Mission Network News 2019-12-11 @ 10:00
International (MNN) -- With today’s technology, you can reach people anywhere at any time. The Internet and new “tech” – such as artificial intelligence (AI) – provide greater global...
Be courageous in peace negotiations with Russia, Ukrainian Catholic leader tells nation's president (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 09:12
Since 2014, over 10,000 people have been killed in the War in Donbass; 1.4 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced, and 925,000 have left the country. "Russia has its own interests, the...
Pastor of nation's largest parish placed on leave (Charlotte Observer)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 09:12
Father Patrick Hoare, pastor of St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, has been accused of sexually abusing a minor 25 years ago—long before his ordination to the priesthood in 2007. "Please...
God corrects and comforts us with tenderness, Pope preaches at weekday Mass (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 09:12
At a Mass celebrated in the chapel of Domus Sanctae Marthae on December 10, Pope Francis preached on Isaiah 40:1-11 and Matthew 18:12-14, the readings of the day.
Peoria bishop announces novena 'to remove all obstacles' to Archbishop Sheen's beatification (Diocese of Peoria)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 09:12
"I know how deeply saddened we all are about the postponement of the beatification of Fulton Sheen," said Bishop Daniel Jenky, CSC. "But in these turbulent times when our faith is being tested ...
Take additional steps to eliminate nuclear weapons, Vatican diplomat urges (Holy See Mission)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 09:12
"My Delegation urges governments possessing nuclear weapons to reconsider any plans to 'modernize' nuclear capabilities, whether for missiles, aircraft, submarines, or warheads," said Archbishop...
California attorney general subpoenas all the state's dioceses (Sacramento Bee)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 09:12
In May, Attorney General Xavier Becerra launched an investigation into whether California dioceses reported allegations of child sexual abuse to civil authorities.
Peter's Pence funds used to ease Vatican budget deficit (CWN)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 08:12
Funds contributed to the Peter's Pence collection have been used to the ease Vatican's gaping budget deficit, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Peter's Pence collection is taken each year to...
Vatican officials used complicated financial deals to hide bank bailout (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 08:12
Vatican officials made a complicated series of financial transfers in order to shore up a failing Italian hospital, the National Catholic Register explains in an investigative report. Lay consultants...
Two guards hurt in attack on National Shrine (Fox)
Catholic World News 2019-12-11 @ 04:12
Two security guards were injured in a violent attack by a lone man at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC on December 10. According to reports the man deliberately hit...
Cambodian Christians’ Government Endorsement Represents a ‘Modern-Day Miracle’
Christianity Today 2019-12-10 @ 18:00
With major gatherings and promises of continued religious freedom protections, evangelists are eager to see the gospel keep spreading in the Buddhist nation. Last weekend the Billy Graham...
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Christianity Today 2019-12-10 @ 13:00
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture. When the calendar flips from one decade to the next, we typically see a flurry of articles and blog posts taking...
What if I'm Not the ‘Submissive’ Type?
Christianity Today 2019-12-10 @ 13:00
I used to be repulsed by Ephesians 5. Then I learned to see Paul’s instructions through a gospel lens. An excerpt from CT's Beautiful Orthodoxy Book of the Year. Here's the full list of CT's 2020...
US priests describe turmoil amid sex abuse crisis (AP)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 10:12
"There's no doubt these men coming forward are facing what will be a very stressful life," said the Father Thomas Berg, vice rector of St. Joseph's Seminary (Archdiocese of New York). "We must be...
Irish Christian Brothers pay $33M as redress for abuse (Irish Times)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 10:12
The Congregation of Christian Brothers (Irish Christian Brothers), founded by Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice, is distinct from the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, founded by St...
Parishes, not schools, should be at center of children's sacramental preparation, Dublin priests advise (Irish Catholic)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 10:12
"We have a system at the moment that isn't really working," said one Dublin priest. "We're preparing children for sacraments, for a day, for an event, and parents aren't really part of that process...
Kurds, statelessness, and what sets them apart
Mission Network News 2019-12-10 @ 10:00
Middle East (MNN) – The Kurds face a lot of challenge, but one of their foremost problems is land; they don't have any to call their own. SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North...
Kurds returning home despite risk
Mission Network News 2019-12-10 @ 10:00
Syria (MNN) -- Syrian Kurds may have disappeared from many global news headlines, but that doesn’t mean their crisis is over. Northern Syria still isn’t safe, but some Kurds are heading back. Acc...
New ministry partnership will advance the Gospel in prisons
Mission Network News 2019-12-10 @ 10:00
USA (MNN/Crossroads) -- Crossroads Prison Ministries and Alpha for Prisons USA and International are excited to announce the launch of a partnership between the two organizations. Alpha and...
The future of Iraqi Christians lies in the Nineveh Plains, Chaldean patriarch says (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
Born in 1948, Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako has led the Chaldean Catholic Church since 2013. The church is among the Eastern Catholic churches in full communion with the Holy See.
Indonesian Papuans call on Pope, other Christians to recognize their plight (UCANews)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
Papua (map) is Indonesia's largest province. It is located on the same island as Papua New Guinea, which gained its independence in 1975.
Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary stolen from Italian cathedral (Avvenire (Italian))
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
Mantua Cathedral (photograph) is located in northern Italy.
Chinese authorities sentence Protestant leader to prison, take away children of Christian couple (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
The Early Rain Covenant Church is an evangelical home church in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province (map).
New Vatican Publishing House series has 'strong ecumenical vision' (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
On December 9, the Vatican Publishing House officially launched the "Exchange of Gifts" series, for which Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow have...
Huma's parents appeal to Pope: 'Francis, help us!' (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
Huma Younas, 14, is a Pakistani girl who was abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced to marry one of her captors.
Former priest sues St. Louis archdiocese over inclusion in list of accused clergy (Religion Clause)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 09:12
Michael Toohey was ordained in 1967 and left the priesthood in 1972; he contends that "the allegations against [him] are false, that the Archdiocese never notified [him] of the allegations, and never...
Pope encourages 'A Chance in Life' in its work with at-risk youth (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 08:12
On December 9, Pope Francis received members of the A Chance in Life Foundation. Founded in 1945 by Msgr. John Patrick Carroll-Abbing, it was formerly known as Boys' and Girls' Towns of Italy.
A seminary is a house of prayer, study, and communion, Pope tells Bologna seminarians (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 08:12
Pope Francis also spoke of "the four attitudes of closeness of diocesan priests … Proximity to God, closeness to the bishop, closeness to the presbytery, among you, and closeness to the people of...
UN official, Pope Francis discuss protection of religious sites (UNAOC)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 08:12
Miguel Ángel Moratinos, the High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), was Spain's foreign minister (2004-2010).
New VP of John Paul II Institute meets with Pope (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 08:12
The new vice president, Msgr. Gilfredo Marengo, is a Humanae Vitae scholar who has long been associated with the Institute. In 2017, Pope Francis gave the Institute a new name and focus.
Poll shows sharp divide between practicing, lapsed Catholics (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 03:12
A new poll by EWTN and RealClear shows dramatic differences in opinion between self-identified Catholics who practice the faith and those who do not. Among the 22% of Americans who identify...
Court allows hospital emplyees' class-action suit against Newark archdiocese (Penions & Investments)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 02:12
A New Jersey court has allowed a group of former employees of St. James Hospital to bring a class-action lawsuit against the Newark archdiocese. The plaintiffs seek to hold the archdiocese...
Cardinal Tagle's new Vatican post: heading a 'superdicastery' (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 02:12
The appointment of Cardinal Luis Tagle to head the Congregation for Evangelization takes on special importance, notes Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register, because under the draft plan for...
German bishop accused of defrauding elderly woman (CNA)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 02:12
Bishop Johannes Bündgens, an auxiliary of the Aachen diocese, faces criminal charges for allegedly taking over $140,000 from an elderly woman. Bishop Helmut Dieser, the head of the Aachen...
Controversial Vatican prelate looks forward to Vatican-Beijing diplomatic ties (Crux)
Catholic World News 2019-12-10 @ 02:12
During a visit to China, Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, suggested that the Pope could visit China soon, and suggested that, having reached...
Christmas Celebrations Canceled in Iraq After Deaths of 400 Protesters
Christianity Today 2019-12-09 @ 23:00
Amid show of solidarity by Chaldean patriarch, some Iraqi Christians hope to lead nation to Jonah-like repentance. Distributing food to protesters with 40 fellow church members under the Jumariyah...
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