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Proof That Political Privilege Is Harmful for Christianity
Christianity Today 2021-05-05 @ 20:00
Our analysis of 166 nations suggests the biggest threat to Christian vitality is not persecution, affluence, education, or pluralism. It's state support. Why is Christianity growing in some countries...
Remembering Marva Dawn, a Saint of Modern Worship
Christianity Today 2021-05-05 @ 20:00
Her teachings pushed us beyond worship wars and individualism with keen observations, a generous spirit, and an other-worldly devotion to Jesus. When a mentor saw me struggling with worship in our...
Christians 'Pray the News' in a Year of Heartbreaking Headlines
Christianity Today 2021-05-05 @ 19:00
Ministries offer tips for how to give our doomscrolling over to God Over the past year, the news has been enough to drive us to despair. Or prayer. Or both. As people have been bombarded with...
Racial Reconciliation Efforts in the Works Part 5: Ministry Initiatives
Christianity Today 2021-05-05 @ 14:17
A compilation of racial reconciliation resources and efforts as the United States continues to grapple with racial injustice and tension. A number of ministry initiatives were either birthed or...
'We Have Churches Lined up Ready to Serve': Christians Prep for New Refugee Arrivals
CBN - Christian World News 2021-05-05 @ 12:58
Should Christians Cheer Biden's Plan for Families?
Christianity Today 2021-05-05 @ 12:00
A new proposal would mandate paid parental leave, provide universal pre-K, and help with childcare costs for low-income families. Last week, President Biden addressed Congress to stump for his latest...
'Healing and Hope': NYC Pastor Helps Rebuild Nigerian Church Burned by Muslim Militants
CBN - Christian World News 2021-05-04 @ 20:26
Back Without a Bang: Returning to Church Won't Be the Celebration We Once Imagined
Christianity Today 2021-05-04 @ 20:00
Instead of a big party, reopenings bring mixed emotions and a call to everyday faithfulness. When COVID-19 shutdowns began in 2020, many pastors thought it would mean missing out on a couple of...
20 Truths: No Longer Strangers
Christianity Today 2021-05-04 @ 19:31
20 Truths from Eugene Cho and Samira Izadi Page's latest release, 'No Longer Strangers.' 1. "The editors of this volume and the contributors believe wholeheartedly that evangelism is a necessary and...
Christian and Missionary Alliance Considers Calling Women Pastors
Christianity Today 2021-05-04 @ 18:00
Denomination survey finds 61 percent want to change titles, allow for ordination. Jennifer Ashby preaches and teaches regularly at Neighborhood Church in Rockville, Maryland. She baptizes people...
Died: Loran Mann, Who Reported the News and Preached the Good News
Christianity Today 2021-05-04 @ 17:00
COGIC bishop built a church while breaking ground in Pittsburgh TV and radio. As a TV news reporter and a Church of God in Christ (COGIC) pastor, Loran Mann tried to keep his two jobs separate. And...
Visitation Is Still Our Vocation
Christianity Today 2021-05-04 @ 04:00
We may face new challenges, but the heart of our calling remains the same. So much has changed in this world since COVID-19 reared its ugly head at the beginning of last year. The lasting and...
The Man in the White Robe: The #1 Night That Jesus Appears to Muslims
CBN - Christian World News 2021-05-03 @ 15:21
Chinese Government Advances Efforts to Wipe Out Christianity by Removing Bible Apps, Christian WeChat
CBN - Christian World News 2021-05-03 @ 13:42
Study: Trauma-Informed Bible Reading Reduces Depression, Anxiety, Anger
Christianity Today 2021-05-03 @ 12:00
Research in Virginia jail could help churches deal with emotional impact of the pandemic. One day soon the pandemic may be past, and COVID-19, a memory. But the trauma—from the isolation...
Do You Follow the Right Jesus?
Christianity Today 2021-05-02 @ 14:00
Four cultural values entice us toward an Americanized messiah instead of the crucified Christ. As pastors immersed in Western culture, it's difficult to disentangle our view of Jesus from the...
Enough Is Enough: Asian American Pastors on Speaking Truth and Confronting Hate
Christianity Today 2021-04-30 @ 23:00
A discussion on preaching hope, confronting anti-Asian hatred, and serving their diverse communities. Has the American church remained too silent about anti-Asian racism and violence? How can we...
The Unearthed Conscience of Black Fundamentalism
Christianity Today 2021-04-30 @ 20:00
A hard racial line divided conservative white and Black Protestants 100 years ago. It didn't have to be that way. Seventy-four years ago, Carl F. H. Henry, the first editor of Christianity Today...
Towards Participating in the Great Commission: Remaining Opportunities in North America
Christianity Today 2021-04-30 @ 16:00
Article 2 in a series of articles based upon the Lausanne North America Listening Call Question 1: What are the most significant gaps and remaining opportunities in North America toward the...
Finnish Lawmaker Faces Trial for Hate Speech After Quoting the Bible About Homosexuality
CBN - Christian World News 2021-04-30 @ 13:39
India's Coronavirus Crisis Explodes: 'The Situation Is Critical Right Now'
CBN - Christian World News 2021-04-30 @ 13:28
'Faithful' Project Offers Sacred Space for Christian Women to Create
Christianity Today 2021-04-29 @ 18:00
A new collaboration from Integrity Music brings together musicians and Bible teachers to celebrate God's faithfulness to women in a way that transcends evangelical silos. The essence of Faithful, as...
Study: Black Christians See Limits to Multiracial Churches
Christianity Today 2021-04-29 @ 18:00
About a third experience racism and obstacles to leadership in congregations that value diversity. Most practicing Christians believe the church can enhance race relations in this country by...
Is It Too Early to Get Excited About a Malaria Vaccine?
Christianity Today 2021-04-29 @ 17:00
The war on the mosquito-spread disease has taken millions of lives. Could this be coming to an end? In 2019, 400,000 people around the world died of malaria. But it may never reach that high a number...
Makoto Fujimura Sings with God, Carries His Cross, and Awaits the New Creation
Christianity Today 2021-04-29 @ 17:00
In a new book, the renowned Christian artist gathers a lifetime of insights on faith and creativity. One of the most formative moments early in my artistic journey was hearing Andrew Peterson's song...
Another Hillsong Pastor Resigns Over Immorality
CBN - Christian World News 2021-04-29 @ 16:18
Racial Reconciliation Requires a Painful Level of Self-Awareness
Christianity Today 2021-04-28 @ 18:00
To participate in the work of justice, we pastors need to grow and change. One month after our church's annual Gospel and Race conference two years ago, a small group of black congregants asked for a...
Mask Up and Get Back to Church: CDC Endorses Indoor Worship After Vaccination
Christianity Today 2021-04-28 @ 18:00
Gathering at full-capacity is now listed among safe activities for people who have gotten the COVID-19 shot. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention loosened the agency's...
Leaders and Friends Remember C. René Padilla
Christianity Today 2021-04-28 @ 00:00
Theologians and pastors from Latin America and around the world mourn the theologian who helped integrate social action and evangelism. CT asked Christian leaders who knew René Padilla, who died...
Died: C. René Padilla, Father of Integral Mission
Christianity Today 2021-04-27 @ 21:00
He pushed evangelicals to see social action and evangelism as "two wings of a plane." C. René Padilla, theologian, pastor, publisher, and longtime staff member with the International Fellowship...
John Stott Is Still a Hero Every Christian Should Know About
Christianity Today 2021-04-27 @ 20:00
On what would have been John Stott's 100th birthday, we celebrate his life and legacy. April 27th sees the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great Christian leader John Stott, a man who...
CBN Reaches Children Across Middle East with Superbook: 'I Love My Living God'
CBN - Christian World News 2021-04-27 @ 19:10
Log Off and Know that I Am God
Christianity Today 2021-04-27 @ 18:00
With all our faith talk online, we're in danger of losing sight of the Lord himself. If an alien life form visited Earth to learn about the American church and only read so-called Christian Twitter...
Dave Ramsey's Bestseller Slips from Top 10 List
Christianity Today 2021-04-26 @ 18:00
Sales of "The Total Money Makeover" suffer after reports of abusive workplace. Dave Ramsey's perennial bestseller, The Total Money Makeover, has dropped off evangelical publishers' top 10 list for...
John Stott Would Want Us to Stop, Study, and Struggle
Christianity Today 2021-04-26 @ 17:00
As his study assistant, I saw how the steadfast suffering of careful thinking resulted in balanced biblical Christianity. It was a bitterly cold January afternoon and rain was pinging sideways off...
Biden's Armenian Genocide Statement Pleases Christians, Angers Turkey
Christianity Today 2021-04-24 @ 20:00
He is the first US president to use the word to describe the 1915 massacre of Armenian Christians by Ottoman Turks. The systematic killing and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Armenians by...
Operation Christmas Child Volunteers Persevere Through Pandemic, Distribute 9.1 Million Shoebox Gifts to Children Worldwide
CBN - Christian World News 2021-04-24 @ 18:25
How Evangelicals Pushed Back on Biden's Refugee Reversal
Christianity Today 2021-04-23 @ 19:00
Advocates united to hold the president to his campaign promise, combat administration's misinformation. Evangelical advocates played a crucial role in holding President Joe Biden accountable to a...
Anticipating Biden's Genocide Decision, Armenians Fear a Cultural One in Azerbaijan
Christianity Today 2021-04-23 @ 17:00
The case of a vanishing church in Nagorno-Karabakh highlights the feared erasure of ancient Christian heritage, but also the Azeri countercharge of destructive occupation. Armenian fears of a new...
Temporary Community: The Transfiguration and Christian Camping
Christianity Today 2021-04-23 @ 17:00
How Christian Camps bring participants into a meaningful encounter with the Holy Spirit. On the final Sunday of Epiphany, The Anglican church reads the account of Christ's Transfiguration on Mount...
Diversity Advocates at Evangelical Colleges: 'In Some Ways, You're Seen as a Heretic'
Christianity Today 2021-04-23 @ 16:00
Racial transformation is hard even when Christian schools are committed to change. Lawrence Burnley was going to resign. The vice president for diversity and intercultural relations at Whitworth...
Your Presence Is a Living Sermon
Christianity Today 2021-04-22 @ 20:00
Showing up makes God's love tangible when people need it most. My first deathbed visit as a pastor was with a person I'd never met. On the drive over, I wondered what I would say and if I'd be able...
From Monks and Bells to Apps and Notifications
Christianity Today 2021-04-22 @ 20:00
The church used to keep the tempo of life. Now Silicon Valley is pushing the pace—and pulling the church along with it. Despite the ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has confused our...
Bibles Get American Pastor Tangled Up in Turkish Politics
Christianity Today 2021-04-22 @ 19:00
In Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus, another Andrew Brunson-style case is brewing. Will the Turks create another Andrew Brunson? On the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, they claim to have found his...
Greg Laurie: No, the COVID Vaccine Isn't 'the Mark of the Beast'
CBN - Christian World News 2021-04-22 @ 15:42
Pastors, Seek Divine Presence Over Performance
Christianity Today 2021-04-22 @ 04:00
How the work of ministry relies on our participation in Christ. As we pass the anniversary of COVID-19 lockdowns and more churches begin to physically regather, it has been sobering to reflect on...
3 Fewer Hot Spots for Trump-Biden Handover on Religious Freedom
Christianity Today 2021-04-21 @ 23:00
USCIRF chair Gayle Manchin explains why 22nd annual report by US watchdog agency reduces tally of offending nations, yet too many on black list still "don't seem to care." As a new administration...
3 Fewer Problems for Trump-Biden Handover on Religious Freedom
Christianity Today 2021-04-21 @ 22:00
USCIRF chair Gayle Manchin explains why 22nd annual report by US watchdog agency reduces tally of offending nations, yet too many on black list still "don't seem to care." As a new administration...
The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is Good. But I'm Still Groaning.
Christianity Today 2021-04-21 @ 17:00
Full justice will come when Jesus returns. In the meantime, we fight for a "foretaste of glory divine." In the book of Romans, the apostle Paul tells Christians that "the whole creation has been...
Prisons Reopen to Ministry with Recent Visits from Lecrae and Justin Bieber
Christianity Today 2021-04-21 @ 16:00
Prison Fellowship's "Second Chance Month" corresponds with easing of pandemic restrictions at many facilities. In early April, Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae visited a South Carolina prison...
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