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Chick-fil-A Stops Giving to Salvation Army, FCA Amid LGBT Protests
Christianity Today 2019-11-18 @ 22:00
Some evangelical supporters consider the shift away from Christian charities a betrayal. Chick-fil-A has announced plans to end charitable giving to Christian organizations—including the...
Four Marks of a Kingdom-centric Church
Christianity Today 2019-11-18 @ 16:00
A church existing for the Kingdom of God will always be reminiscent of a heroic, rescue mission for one very loved and lost lamb.  What is important and what we find ourselves doing are often two...
What Research Tells Us About the ‘Seal’ of Believer’s Baptism
Christianity Today 2019-11-18 @ 16:00
A new study suggests that the rite doesn’t bind young Christians to a certain level of faith commitment, but to a faith community. Most researchers studying religious trends among young people tend...
Praying for Hong Kong Can Be Politically Disruptive—Even in America
Christianity Today 2019-11-18 @ 16:00
Why Chinese diaspora churches remain silent while Christians in Hong Kong take to the streets. On the afternoon of Sunday, August 18, about 70 people gathered for a prayer meeting at a church in...
Cape Verde's president meets with Pope (Vatican Press Office (Italian))
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 11:11
Located in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa, the nation of 570,000 (map) is 77% Catholic and 5% Protestant.
Prayer walkers needed at a college campus near you
Mission Network News 2019-11-18 @ 10:00
USA (MNN) -- We’ve talked before about EveryCampus and their goal for all college campuses in America to be covered with a prayer walk. Volunteers sign up with EveryCampus to walk a campus near...
Sudan faces ever-escalating need, requests financial aid
Mission Network News 2019-11-18 @ 10:00
Sudan (MNN) -- Leaders of Sudan’s interim government say they’ll need $5 billion in financial aid to avoid economic collapse and launch reforms. Sudan’s designation by the U.S. as a state...
Young people in Iraq demand a better future
Mission Network News 2019-11-18 @ 10:00
Iraq (MNN) – Iraq's young people have had enough, so they took to the streets to let the government know they're unhappy. The response was brutal. (Screen capture courtesy of Prayercast) After...
Jury orders pro-life investigator to pay Planned Parenthood $870,000 for exposing aborted baby part sales (
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
"While top Planned Parenthood witnesses spent six weeks testifying under oath that the undercover videos are true and Planned Parenthood sold fetal organs on a quid pro quo basis, a biased judge with...
Pope Francis: 'Move the deacons away from the altar' (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
In an address to participants in a Vatican conference on the laity's identity and mission, Pope Francis extemporaneously "warned against the danger of what he termed as 'clericalizing the laity,'...
As Vatican children's hospital celebrates 150th anniversary, Pope blesses hands of doctors, nurses (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
Pope Francis spoke of the "moral authority of sick and suffering children" during his audience with persons associated with the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital (video).
Jesuit martyr beatified in Ecuador (Zenit)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
Blessed Emilio Moscoso was martyred during the Revolution of 1895.
1,500 poor people have lunch with Pope (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
The lunch took place on November 17, the World Day of the Poor.
Sexually abused as a child, Minnesota diocese's judicial vicar feels revictimized by attorney's disclosure (Duluth News-Tribune)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
In 1993, Father Joseph Richards, who was abused by an uncle, had a conversation with his bishop in which he "admitted to inappropriately touching a 5-year-old when he was 14," according to the report...
Pope blesses palace given to homeless on the doorstep of the Vatican (Crux)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
"I asked a construction company to let the homeless workers do the renovation," said Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal almoner. "They agreed a bit hesitantly but then they were so happy with their...
Experienced Vatican diplomat named new nuncio at United Nations (Holy See Mission)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 09:11
Following the conclusion of Archbishop Bernardito Auza's five-year term, Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia as apostolic nuncio and Permanent Observer of the Holy See to...
In wide-ranging address on criminal law, Pope laments 'idolatry of the market,' calls for environmental protection (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 08:11
"It is no coincidence that sometimes emblems and actions typical of Nazism reappear," the Pope told members of the International Association of Penal Law. The Pope referred to Nazi "persecution of...
Jesus warns us against haste, self-centeredness, Pope preaches on World Day of the Poor (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 08:11
"The poor person who begs for my love leads me straight to God," Pope Francis preached during the Mass for the World Day of the Poor (video, booklet). "The poor facilitate our access to heaven: this...
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar meets with Pope Francis at Vatican (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 08:11
During his February apostolic journey to the United Arab Emirates, Pope Francis and the Grand Imam, regarded by many Sunni Muslims as the highest religious authority, signed Human Fraternity for...
New York bishops meet Pope at end of 'ad limina' visits (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 08:11
"It was intense, in terms of the painful situations we shared," said Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany, referring to the sexual abuse of minors. "What was heartwarming was how you could tell...
Pope addresses 'words of friendship' to Japanese people as visit approaches (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 08:11
"Your country is well aware of the suffering caused by war," Pope Francis said in a video message released before his apostolic journey to Thailand and Japan. "Together with you, I pray that the...
Become 'agents of peace and witnesses of hope in a future of salvation and resurrection,' Pope tells pilgrims (Zenit)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 08:11
During his November 17 Sunday Angelus address (video), Pope Francis reflected on Luke 21:5-19, the Gospel reading of the day.
Pope speaks to Havana's people of faith, charity, and hope on city's 500th anniversary (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 07:11
"Faith is at the roots of the city," Pope Francis said in his Spanish-language video. "Do not forget those roots, the testimony of faith of your ancestors. The founding act of the city of Havana was...
Top Vatican financial regulator removed (AP)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 02:11
Rene Bruelhart, the president of the Financial Information Authority (AIF), has stepped down, in the latest sign of turmoil over the Vatican's financial affairs. Bruelhart, a respected regulator who...
A 'turning point' in Australian perceptions of Cardinal Pell's appeal? (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2019-11-18 @ 02:11
Responding to the news that Australia's high court will hear an appeal of Cardinal George Pell's conviction, several liberal journalists—critics of the cardinal in the past—have raised...
One-on-One with Stephen Witmer on ‘A Big Gospel in Small Places’
Christianity Today 2019-11-16 @ 16:00
My conversation with Stephen Witmer in the importance of serving in small town places. Ed: Why did you write A Big Gospel in Small Places? Stephen: I wrote this book because I believe the gospel is...
One-on-One with Warren Smith on MinistryWatch, Accountability, and the Need for Christian Journalism
Christianity Today 2019-11-15 @ 19:00
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That sentence also describes American journalism today.  Today I am glad to welcome Warren Smith to The Exchange. Warren is president of...
Black Pastor Candidate Withdraws After Controversial Vote at SBC Megachurch
Christianity Today 2019-11-15 @ 19:00
First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida, continues to investigate whether Marcus Hayes’ rejection was the result of racial prejudice or preexisting turmoil following its previous pastor’s...
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Christianity Today 2019-11-15 @ 19:00
Through song, liturgy, and communion, the body of Christ inhabits the suffering experienced by its weakest members. Recently, I awoke suddenly around 1:45am in a tangle of sheets, pillows, and sweat,...
Why Black Protestants and Evangelicals Still Preach Politics
Christianity Today 2019-11-15 @ 16:00
Amid increasing polarization and shifting church trends, the black church continues to speak on matters of justice. Hundreds gathered in a Chicago sanctuary last night to hear Christian leaders...
Six Ways Pastors Struggle: You Are Not Alone
Christianity Today 2019-11-15 @ 16:00
Pretending pastors don't struggle is a recipe for disaster. When pastors go into ministry, we don't leave behind all of the struggles that define the human reality in which we live. Like others...
Interview: The Faith Behind the Crown
Christianity Today 2019-11-15 @ 15:00
Queen Elizabeth’s belief is deep and sincere, says biographer Dudley Delffs, and Netflix gets it right. When Season 3 of Netflix's The Crown releases on November 17, viewers can expect plenty of...
US bishops approve new edition of Program of Priestly Formation (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
"One change is how a seminarian's progress to ordination is tracked," the report notes. "What had been a seminary college or 'pre-theology' followed by graduate studies — known as the theologate ...
Vatican, Orthodox church representatives continue discussion of primacy, synodality (Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
On November 15, the Coordinating Committee of the "Synodality and Primacy during the First Millennium".)
'There is more than enough food for everyone': Vatican diplomat sees 'worrying tendencies' in anti-hunger efforts (Holy See Mission)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
"Various forms of aid and development initiatives, including nutrition-specific projects, are obstructed by political decisions and policies, skewed ideologies and impenetrable customs barriers,...
Background: World Day of the Poor (CWN)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
On November 17, the Sunday before the Solemnity of Christ the King, the Church commemorates the Third World Day of the Poor. The theme of the message, released on the memorial of St. Anthony of Padua...
Vatican holds meeting on laity's identity and mission (Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
"The Lay Faithful, Identity and Mission in the World" is the topic of the first plenary assembly of the members of the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life.
Fire at former French cathedral; mayor suspects Satanists (La Depeche (French))
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
Eauze is a town of 4,000 in southwestern France; the former Diocese of Eauze is now part of the Diocese of Auch.
Buffalo's Christ the King Seminary: sexual misconduct dates back decades (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
This article is the second part of a report; the first part is available here.
Malawi's bishops call for peace as violent political unrest continues (Fides)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 10:11
The southeastern African nation of 19.8 million (map) is 27% Protestant, 18% Catholic, and 12% Muslim.
TeachBeyond educates kids surviving on garbage
Mission Network News 2019-11-15 @ 10:00
Ethiopia (MNN) -- Koshe (also known as Korah) is a community built around a city dump near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Toi Mears* with TeachBeyond says the community original began as a leper colony. The...
Haiti is on the brink of calamity
Mission Network News 2019-11-15 @ 10:00
Haiti (MNN) – In the cacophony of headlines shouting for attention, there's noise about U.S. impeachment hearings, detail about U.S. impeachment proceedings, timelines leading up to U.S...
A challenge to Christians hesitant to join “politicized” abortion debate
Mission Network News 2019-11-15 @ 10:00
USA (MNN) -- More and more groups -- political, religious, and otherwise -- are squaring off around the abortion debate. The National Abortion Federation recently announced an Episcopal priest as...
Belgium's bishops oppose proposals to liberalize abortion laws (Crux)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 09:11
Several Belgian political parties "want to permanently remove abortion from the criminal code, remove the requirement for a mandatory consultation in advance, and raise the limit to when an abortion...
'Wisdom, covenant, and outgoing': Pope encourages work of Focolare's university (Zenit)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 09:11
Located in Loppiano, Italy, the Sophia University Institute began to offer courses in 2008. The Focolare Movement was founded during World War II by the Servant of God Chiara Lubich (1920-2008).
Kenya's bishops rip international population summit (CNS)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 09:11
"We view this agenda as an intent to corrupt our youth and enslave them to foreign ideologies, for example, same-sex union and active homosexual activities," the president of the bishops' conference...
Mozambique's bishops defend prelate against accusations of racism, inciting violence (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 09:11
Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa, 63, entered the Passionist order in 1977 and was named a bishop in 2013.
'God hears your prayers,' Pope tells Lourdes pilgrims (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 09:11
"You who are little, who are poor, fragile, you are the Church's treasure," the Pope said in his video message to those participants in a four-day pilgrimage devoted to a "poor Church for the poor."
Archbishop Scicluna: be prepared for new revelations (Crux)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 03:11
Speaking at a conference held at the University of Notre Dame, Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta warned that Catholics should be prepared for more shocking revelations about clerical misconduct...
Joint Islamic-Catholic colloquium ends with joint statement (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2019-11-15 @ 03:11
A joint Islamic-Catholic group has concluded a colloquium in Rome, issuing a joint statement that emphasizes the need for Muslims and Christians to serve the cause of human rights, the needs of the...
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