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Hezbollah Leader Declares His Group Has 100,000 Fighters
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-19 @ 06:58
'God is in Complete Control': Prayers Continue for 17 Missionaries Kidnapped by Gang in Haiti
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-18 @ 21:58
Ravi Zacharias's Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Christianity Today 2021-10-18 @ 20:00
Exit appears to mark end of internal struggle over RZIM culture review. The CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) has stepped down to start a new apologetics organization. Sarah Davis...
After Seminary Shutdowns, Russia Enacts Ministry Training Regulations
Christianity Today 2021-10-18 @ 19:00
New law puts additional requirements on any religious leader who was trained abroad. For half a decade, Russian evangelicals have feared the repercussions of anti-extremism laws that monitor and...
Kidnapped US Missionaries Expected to Be Freed in Haiti IF Steep Ransom Is Paid – Ministry Asks for Prayer
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-18 @ 13:00
I Wasn't 'Tough' Enough for My Street-Fighting Family. God Showed Me I Didn't Have to Be.
Christianity Today 2021-10-18 @ 03:00
How a quiet, bookish kid came to faith while living among rageaholics. Some days are like a hot iron, searing their events into your memory. This was one of them­—sun shining, birds...
'Enabling Religious Persecution': Apple Obeys China's Communist Regime, Quran and Bible Apps Removed
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-17 @ 17:17
17 Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti
Christianity Today 2021-10-17 @ 16:00
Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries said it is working with the US embassy and praying the gang members responsible would come to repentance. A group of 17 missionaries including children was...
'Please Pray for Us!!' 17 Missionaries, Including Children, Kidnapped in Haiti
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-17 @ 11:47
Tyndale Celebrates 25th Anniversary of NLT Bible With Global Campaign to Distribute God's Word
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-16 @ 20:11
SBC Exec Committee Leader Resigns Amid Division Over Sex Abuse Investigation
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-15 @ 20:37
Fight, Flee or Forgive: A True Story of Radical Forgiveness That Reaped a Great Harvest for Zimbabwe
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-15 @ 18:59
Egypt's President Promotes Religious Choice During Human Rights Rollout
Christianity Today 2021-10-15 @ 16:00
Some Copts cheer Sisi's stance and new five-year reform strategy, while others focus on absence of attention to problematic ID cards and reconciliation committees. Committing Egypt to a five-year...
Vaccine Campaign at Zimbabwe Churches Praises What's Done in Secret
Christianity Today 2021-10-15 @ 15:00
Christian health workers and pastors navigate stigma at Apostolic, evangelical, and Methodist congregations. Yvonne Binda stands in front of the congregation, all dressed in pristine white robes, and...
Ronnie Floyd Resigns from SBC Executive Committee
Christianity Today 2021-10-15 @ 03:00
The EC president and CEO says he "will not and cannot" lead after its vote to waive attorney-client privilege. Ronnie Floyd is the latest to leave the Southern Baptist Convention 's Executive...
The Ten Commitments Behind the Ten Commandments
Christianity Today 2021-10-14 @ 18:00
The world's most famous list of rules is grounded in something deeper than ethical principles. Considering they are among the most influential words ever written, there are a number of curious things...
The Costly Gospel That Keeps Christian Pilots Flying to the Ends of the Earth
Christianity Today 2021-10-14 @ 18:00
Q&A with Mission Aviation Fellowship President David Holsten on the challenges of reaching the most isolated villages in the world. In a remote village on the side of a mountain in Papua, a man...
Christians Should Lead the Way on Family Leave
Christianity Today 2021-10-14 @ 18:00
There are clear, pro-life reasons why mothers and fathers need time with new babies. When our twins were born in 2019, I took six weeks off work. My husband did too—thanks to his then-employer...
In Prayer, We Are Fully Seen and Fully Known
Christianity Today 2021-10-14 @ 14:00
How intimacy with God fuels Meg Baatz's ministry among same-sex-attracted and LGBT peers. Meg Baatz was first drawn toward God as a preteen. "I was really insecure and just full of shame and guilt...
America's Oldest Denomination Faces Split Over LGBT Issues
Christianity Today 2021-10-14 @ 14:00
With dozens of congregations already on their way out, the Reformed Church in America anticipates "difficult decisions" its postponed General Synod this week. This week, North America's oldest...
What Comes After the Purity Culture Reckoning
Christianity Today 2021-10-13 @ 18:00
We don't need a better guidebook or a different set of rules. We need to change the way we approach the conversation. I wish I still had my copies of the popular sexuality and dating books from my...
Pew: US, France, and Korea Are Most Divided—Especially over Religion
Christianity Today 2021-10-13 @ 17:00
Survey of almost 19,000 adults in 17 nations examines societal conflict between different religions, political parties, races and ethnicities, and urban and rural communities. "Conflict" is a...
Columbian Nun Freed After Being Held Hostage Four Years by Islamists in Mali
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-13 @ 16:28
What Comes After the Ex-Gay Movement? The Same Thing That Came Before.
Christianity Today 2021-10-13 @ 14:00
Old-school evangelical leaders once knew the value of "care" over "cure." "You know, Mike, I used to be gay," I said. Mike stopped moving his paintbrush as the words fell clumsily from my mouth. He...
You Can't Reach Nonbelievers with 'Passive Congeniality'
Christianity Today 2021-10-12 @ 18:00
Two experts on intercultural evangelism explore the challenge of sharing Christ in a climate of growing indifference. Christian evangelism entails a conversation with people of different beliefs. But...
Singer-Songwriter Bruce Cockburn's Latest Gig? His Church's Worship Band
Christianity Today 2021-10-12 @ 18:00
After decades away from church, the Canadian folk rocker joined a congregation in San Francisco—without mentioning his musical fame. Bruce Cockburn, the Canadian singer-songwriter, had not...
Evangelism Not a Priority in Canadian Churches
Christianity Today 2021-10-12 @ 17:00
Even during crisis of COVID-19, few are finding ways to share their faith, study finds.  If Canadians have been longing for meaning in their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unlikely that...
When God Opened a Coliseum, Young Life Ministers Were Ready
Christianity Today 2021-10-12 @ 16:00
For 19 days, two staffers told unaccompanied minors that God is a good father. Young Life leaders Eric Collins and Felix Chavez were thrilled to find a group of students eager to hear God's Word. But...
Christians Welcome Coup in Guinea
Christianity Today 2021-10-12 @ 15:00
After yet another military overthrow of a democratically elected leader in West Africa, minority evangelicals debate the role of faith in politics. In its 63 years of independence, Guinea has had...
Moving Beyond Hotel Bibles, Gideons in Canada Announce New Name
Christianity Today 2021-10-11 @ 20:00
ShareWord will continue to distribute Scripture, but emphasize church partnerships and equipping Christians for evangelism. Say "Gideons," and the vision that comes to mind for most people is Bibles...
What's Lost When Prison Mail Goes Digital?
Christianity Today 2021-10-11 @ 15:00
Christian ministries are concerned about the Biden administration's efforts to expand a Trump program of scanning letters. Pastor Frank Switzer has written thousands of letters to men in prison...
Christians Attacked During Church Service by Mob of 200 Radical Hindu Nationalists in India
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-10 @ 15:41
Five Bible Verses to Remember When You're Overwhelmed by the News
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-10 @ 13:15
Fulani Herdsmen Kill 6 Christian Farmers, 3 More Injured During Attacks Against Communities in Nigeria
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-09 @ 19:45
'You're Next': Arrested Canadian Pastor Warns Americans of Coming Tyranny
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-09 @ 14:49
Philip Yancey: God Can Love 'A Cynical Sneak Like Me'
Christianity Today 2021-10-08 @ 18:00
An excerpt from the best-selling author's memoir, "Where the Light Fell." At a vulnerable time in my spiritual development, I found myself at a Bible college with a 66-page rule book and little...
Don't Let Religious Liberty Claims Mask Bad Faith Arguments
Christianity Today 2021-10-07 @ 18:00
Inconsistent and insincere appeals for exemptions to public health rules are undermining important freedoms. If you believe in religious liberty only when it's good for society, then you really don't...
Good News for Iraq's Christians: More Autonomy, Less Dhimmitude
Christianity Today 2021-10-07 @ 18:00
As Erbil Christians finally get to govern themselves, Chaldean Catholic archbishop Bashar Warda explains to CT how ISIS freed Christians from the centuries-old understanding that they are second-class...
Archaeologists Uncover One of America's Oldest Black Church Buildings
Christianity Today 2021-10-07 @ 18:00
The Virginia congregation, began by free and enslaved Blacks, dates back to 1776. Archaeologists believe they have discovered the foundation of the original building of the First Baptist Church in...
'Christianity as a Living Faith': Queen Elizabeth Honors 'Songs of Praise' Series on 60th Anniversary
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-06 @ 21:04
'Treated Like a Criminal' for Wearing a Cross: Veteran Christian Nurse Sues UK Employer for Discrimination
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-06 @ 19:27
Hillsong Founder to Plead Not Guilty to Abuse Coverup
Christianity Today 2021-10-06 @ 17:00
Brian Houston will go to court in Sydney over alleged child abuse by his late father. Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston will plead not guilty to illegally concealing alleged child abuse by his...
Why Church Shouldn't Just Be on Facebook
Christianity Today 2021-10-06 @ 16:00
The reasons worship services should be offline are all too human. Every week, in the front lobby, the secretary of the church I attended in kindergarten updated the archive of sermon recordings. This...
Interview: William Lane Craig Explores the Headwaters of the Human Race
Christianity Today 2021-10-06 @ 14:00
The philosopher and theologian ventures a new hypothesis on Genesis, human origins, and the historical Adam. As head of the ministry Reasonable Faith and a prolific writer on topics of philosophy and...
Southern Baptists Agree to Open Up to Abuse Investigation
Christianity Today 2021-10-05 @ 22:00
Executive Committee decision comes after weeks of heated debate and division. It took three weeks of scheduled meetings, at least three law firms, dozens of statements, hours of closed-door briefings...
French Investigation Reveals 330,000 Children Sexually Abused by Priests and Other Catholic Leaders
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-05 @ 20:03
Generosity Is Liberation
Christianity Today 2021-10-05 @ 19:00
How pastors can teach on money with confidence and conviction. Money stands right alongside political strife and racial tension as one of the most challenging and complex realities I address from the...
Nigerian Pastor Murdered by Muslim Mob - He Had Built a School and Even Provided a Water Source for Muslims
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-05 @ 17:19
Afghanistan's Children Are Asking: 'Is Jesus Here Now?'
CBN - Christian World News 2021-10-05 @ 17:18
How Prayer and Science Prepared Palm Beach Atlantic's New President for the Pandemic
Christianity Today 2021-10-05 @ 14:00
After months of leading the school and holding Zoom calls with isolated students, Debra Schwinn will finally celebrate her inauguration. At 5 p.m. every day, students in quarantine at Palm Beach...
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