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It's Okay Not To Be Okay
Christianity Today 2020-10-26 @ 01:00
How African American churches are ministering to the mental health of their communities. Rosalynn Brookins accidentally tasted her first drink at 14, when she thought her father's gin was water. Once...
20 Truths from 'Models of Evangelism' by Priscilla Pope-Levison
Christianity Today 2020-10-24 @ 18:00
"Christians inevitably are message bearers, and that message is full of beauty, peace, goodness, and salvation." (Josh check where she works and update bio.) Being actively engaged in evangelism...
Before You Vote: An Interview with David Platt
Christianity Today 2020-10-23 @ 21:00
An excerpt from Ed's recent interview with David Platt. Ed: A lot of people are feeling discouraged by that toxic political culture. Why do you think believers should be engaged in the democratic...
Kidnapped by N. Korean Agents: Voice of the Martyrs Asks Christians to Pray for Chinese Christian Deacon
CBN - Christian World News 2020-10-23 @ 17:25
Few Churches Back to Pre-COVID Attendance
Christianity Today 2020-10-23 @ 17:00
Churches are re-opening, but not everyone is returning, according to LifeWay Research. The vast majority of U.S. Protestant churches say they are holding in-person services, but churchgoers have yet...
Authors and Parents Are Rethinking Kids' Love for Scripture
Christianity Today 2020-10-23 @ 13:00
What comes after storybook Bibles? A Christian parent's greatest hope is echoed in 3 John: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth" (v. 4). Throughout each...
Fighting the Pandemic with Our Hearts and Our Smarts
Christianity Today 2020-10-22 @ 20:00
A development economist and a disaster-relief expert show how to approach COVID-19 as "Shrewd Samaritans." Particularly in this time of global pandemic, we want to know how to care for our local and...
It's Time to Seat Justice Barrett
Christianity Today 2020-10-22 @ 19:00
Amy Coney Barrett is a good choice, and widely affirmed by people of faith, including me. The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18 created space for President Trump to do something rarely...
Died: Luci Swindoll, Who Believed in God's Grace and Being Herself
Christianity Today 2020-10-22 @ 18:00
Woman of Faith speaker celebrated life of singleness. Luci Swindoll, a devotional author and popular speaker known for her celebration of life and commitment to being herself, died this week after...
Three Evangelical Colleges Cut Tuition Prices
Christianity Today 2020-10-22 @ 18:00
Seattle Pacific, Houghton, and Gordon want prospective students to see Christian liberal arts colleges as an affordable option. Three Christian colleges are reducing tuition in hopes of attracting...
Publication of review into Bishop Whitsey
Church of England 2020-10-22 @ 12:58
A Betrayal of Trust, the independent report into the Church's handling of the allegations concerning the late Hubert Victor Whitsey, former Bishop of Chester, has been published today.
In the Bible, 'Individualism' and 'Collectivism' Aren't Neat and Tidy Categories
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 20:00
Characters in Scripture don't "follow their dreams." But some do stand out from the crowd. I love watching Bollywood movies. What could be better than three hours of delightful singing and dancing...
The Early Church Saw Itself as a Political Body. We Can Too.
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 19:00
A Christian vision of the public square starts with being a different kind of people. In the days after the 2016 election, one statistic became the story: the notorious 81 percent. Though this data...
People Are Being Discipled by Their Cable News
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 19:00
How do we disciple in good as we disciple out the wrong? In an interview on immigration with Steve Inskeep on NPR's Morning Edition, I concluded by talking about discipleship. It was a bit tricky...
Health Care Sharing Ministries Fight for Legitimacy Amid Lawsuits
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 18:00
Regulators aim to prevent another Trinity HealthShare scam. But ministries plan to do it themselves. Amid a flurry of recent legal actions against Trinity HealthShare and its operations affiliate...
As a Mixed-Race Christian, I Used to Think Diversity Was Enough
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 18:00
How I came to see the value and beauty of gatherings exclusively for people of color. My mixed-race identity is so much a part of me that when asked to bring an object that represented me to a group...
Prayers for Unity in Eastern Washington House Race
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 18:00
Cathy McMorris Rodgers says she wants to bring people together in divisive times. Editor's note: This profile is the third in a CT series featuring Christian candidates from both parties who are...
Teaching Politics at Belmont Has Me Worried About the State of Debate
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 17:00
Long before coming to campus, President Trump has shaped our class discussions, for better and worse. As a political science professor at Belmont University, I have been privileged to watch two...
Swiss Evangelical Missionary Executed by Islamic Extremists in Mali After 4 Years in Captivity
CBN - Christian World News 2020-10-21 @ 16:27
Armenian Christians Are Especially Worried About War
Christianity Today 2020-10-21 @ 13:00
The current conflict with Azerbaijan is rekindling fears, a century after genocide. A transcript of the episode will be available on Thursday. This fall, violence broke out again between Armenia and...
Major clergy wellbeing study results shared
Church of England 2020-10-21 @ 09:00
Key insights from an ongoing Church of England research programme into clergy flourishing are to be distributed to curates across the country as part of an initiative to promote clergy wellbeing, it...
Azerbaijan Evangelicals: Conflict with Armenians Is Not a Religious War
Christianity Today 2020-10-20 @ 20:00
Young but growing community of former Muslims says Armenian warnings about genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh hurt the spread of the gospel. Vadim Melnikov once fought for the land of Noah. Donning his...
Chilean Protesters Cheer as They Torch Two Churches During Riots Marking Protest Anniversary
CBN - Christian World News 2020-10-20 @ 19:56
Turks and Armenians Reconcile in Christ. Can Azeris Join Them?
Christianity Today 2020-10-20 @ 19:00
Confessing the genocide, Turkish evangelicals seek forgiveness on behalf of their nation. With ongoing war in Nagorno-Karabakh, is there a path forward also with Azerbaijan's believers? Bahri Beytel...
Christians Invented Health Insurance. Can They Make Something Better?
Christianity Today 2020-10-20 @ 18:00
How to heal a medical system that abandons the vulnerable. In seven years, Bethany Joy Kim has cycled through Obamacare, a Christian health care sharing ministry, state insurance, employer-based...
Wheaton College Graduate School Partners with Reformed Church in America
Christianity Today 2020-10-20 @ 16:00
A new graduate school cohort with emphasis on ministry leadership, in partnership with Reformed Church of America. Wheaton College Graduate School is very excited to share that we have engaged in a...
Pat Robertson Prophesies Winner of Election Followed by These End Times Events
CBN - Christian World News 2020-10-20 @ 15:28
How Culture Shapes Sermons
Christianity Today 2020-10-20 @ 14:00
Recent books on culturally distinct preaching challenge misconceptions and equip diverse pastors to better address a multiethnic world. In the mid-1980s, as a new believer fresh out of college, I...
New resource published to encourage a shift in the Church's understanding of vocation
Church of England 2020-10-20 @ 10:00
Work to encourage lay Christians to see their roles in daily life as a vital part of the ministry of the Church has been given support in a new report published this month by the Church of England.
Next Bishop of Berwick announced
Church of England 2020-10-20 @ 09:25
Downing Street has announced this morning that Her Majesty The Queen has approved the nomination of the Venerable Mark Wroe, currently Archdeacon of Northumberland, as the next Suffragan Bishop of...
Democratic Candidate Says She Has the Faith to Turn Western Michigan Blue
Christianity Today 2020-10-19 @ 19:00
Hillary Scholten hopes to flip a House seat with appeals to deep Dutch Reformed roots. Editor's note: This profile is the second in a CT series featuring Christian candidates from both parties who...
The Most Diverse Small Town in America Mourns Refugee Cuts
Christianity Today 2020-10-19 @ 19:00
The election could determine the future of resettlement ministries in Clarkston, Georgia. The small city of Clarkston, Georgia, has been called "the most diverse square mile in America" and "the...
Biblical Freedom and the Unmasking of Evangelicals
Christianity Today 2020-10-19 @ 16:00
How do we navigate competing definitions of liberty? There are two competing ideas on personal liberty that inspire two vastly different understandings of the fundamental nature of freedom. One was...
Died: Thomas Howard, Author Who Said 'Evangelical Is Not Enough'
Christianity Today 2020-10-19 @ 15:00
In spiritual memoirs, son of prominent Christian family wrote about finding the fullness of his childhood faith in the Catholic church  Thomas Howard, a prominent evangelical English professor who...
Your Devotional Is Not a Bible
Christianity Today 2020-10-19 @ 13:00
Inspiration and comfort do not offer us the full weight and scope of God's Word. What do Bible teachers do for fun on a Friday night? They check the Amazon lists to see which Bible translation holds...
House of Bishops Meeting - Monday 19 October 2020
Church of England 2020-10-19 @ 12:28
A meeting of the House of Bishops took place today, Monday 19 October via Zoom.
Religious Material Classified as 'Contraband' as Persecution by China's Communist Party Broadens
CBN - Christian World News 2020-10-18 @ 18:58
Swiss Missionary Executed, Fellow Hostages Freed
Christianity Today 2020-10-16 @ 20:00
Beatrice Stockli was kidnapped by Islamist extremists in Timbuktu, Mali, in January 2016. A Swiss missionary Beatrice Stockli – kidnapped from Timbuktu in northern Mali in January 2016...
Harvest Settles Multi-Million-Dollar Agreement with James MacDonald
Christianity Today 2020-10-16 @ 16:00
In Christian arbitration, the preacher was granted $1.45 million and the rights to Walk in the Word. Harvest Bible Chapel has reached a multi-million agreement to transfer some of its assets to...
The Importance of Nuance: An Interview with Lecrae Part 4
Christianity Today 2020-10-16 @ 16:00
The fourth and final installment on Ed's recent interview with Lecrae. Ed: One of the issues we see today is how our faith can send us to the other side of the world to share the gospel, but we...
Good News: Tomorrow We Die
Christianity Today 2020-10-16 @ 13:00
Why dwelling on our mortality may be good for us. I used to assume that God owed me a long life—to pursue a vocation and family with full strength, to live long enough to become a grandparent...
Amy Coney Barrett's Message: The Maternal Hero Is a Myth
Christianity Today 2020-10-15 @ 19:00
The trope of mother as superparent is a resounding rejection of grace. Every nominee to the Supreme Court faces intense scrutiny, and Amy Coney Barrett is no exception. Nominated to fill the seat of...
Stereotypes: An Interview with Lecrae Part 3
Christianity Today 2020-10-15 @ 16:00
Part three of Ed's recent interview with artist and author Lecrae. Ed: You talk about your journey of life growing up without a father and forgiving him for being absent. Tell us a little bit about...
The Antidote to Spiritual Shallowness Isn't 'Believing Harder,' but Going Deeper
Christianity Today 2020-10-14 @ 20:00
Rich Villodas's book takes us further into our faith traditions, our relationships, and our very selves. When I was a kid, I had a recurring nightmare that a loved one in my life was possessed by a...
White Evangelicals Are Actually for Trump in 2020, Not Just Against His Opponent
Christianity Today 2020-10-14 @ 20:00
Polls show faithful supporters no longer see the Republican incumbent as the "lesser of two evils." While white evangelicals' support for President Donald Trump is close to the strong backing he...
Fewer Southern Baptists Call Themselves 'Southern Baptist'
Christianity Today 2020-10-14 @ 16:00
SBC president J. D. Greear explains the uptick in an alternative name: Great Commission Baptists. Several prominent Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leaders have embraced a moniker that identifies...
Systems and Structures: An Interview with Lecrae Part 2
Christianity Today 2020-10-14 @ 15:00
The second installment highlighting Ed's recent interview with Lecrae. Ed: Let's talk about some of the trauma that you walk through in and around systemic racism. Lecrae: I often have to allow...
Half of Protestant Pastors Back Trump
Christianity Today 2020-10-13 @ 21:00
Recent Lifeway Research offers insight into how pastors are voting in 2020. Almost all Protestant pastors plan to participate in the 2020 election, but around a quarter still haven't decided who will...
Amid COVID-19, Pro-Lifers Push to Avoid Abortive Fetal Cells in Medicine
Christianity Today 2020-10-13 @ 20:00
Despite the ethical challenges, most still concede to using old cell lines in life-saving drugs. President Donald Trump has praised the treatments he received for the coronavirus, including an...
The Courts Alone Can't Protect Christian Colleges
Christianity Today 2020-10-13 @ 20:00
Fuller Seminary's recent win is worth celebrating. But the legal rights of faith-based schools are still at risk. Last week brought good news for Christians and faith groups across the country. In...
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