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Vatican conference on work and development (Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development)
Catholic World News 2017-11-21 @ 10:11
The conference is entitled "From Populorum Progressio to Laudato si'. Work and the movement of workers at the center of integral, sustainable and fraternal human development. Why does the world of...
Myanmar open to repatriation of Rohingya refugees
Mission Network News 2017-11-21 @ 10:02
Bangladesh (MNN) -- Myanmar and Bangladesh are currently in talks to repatriate Rohingya refugees. Myanmar’s military scorched-earth campaign began August 25th targeting Rohingya minorities in...
International students, your family, and the holiday season
Mission Network News 2017-11-21 @ 10:00
USA (MNN) – Thanksgiving is one of the United States’ largest holidays and it's only two days away. Soon, many of us Americans will be enjoying roasted turkey (or ham), buttery rolls, and quality...
SOAR: giving simple this Giving Tuesday
Mission Network News 2017-11-21 @ 10:00
Int'l (MNN) – Giving Tuesday is just a week away. But SOAR International recognizes that days like this can be overwhelming, especially amidst the holiday season. Joanna Mangione of SOAR says, “I...
15 dead, 5 hurt in stampede for food aid in Morocco (New York Daily News)
Catholic World News 2017-11-21 @ 09:11
L'Osservatore Romano (11/20-11/21 Italian ed.) devoted front-page coverage to this story.
German bishops hold conference on abuse of minors (Deutsche Bischofskonferenz)
Catholic World News 2017-11-21 @ 09:11
The conference, entitled "Irritated Systems," featured speakers who called for continued vigilance in addressing the sexual abuse of minors. Father Hans Zollner, president of the Center for Child...
Words of the Holy Father before lunch with the poor on the 1st World Day of the Poor (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-21 @ 09:11
The Pope dined with 1,500 poor persons on November 19.
Efforts to form new German government fail as talks between Merkel, others collapse (Bloomberg)
Catholic World News 2017-11-21 @ 09:11
L'Osservatore Romano (11/20-11/21 Italian ed.) devoted front-page coverage to this story.
Church leaders in Zimbabwe call for interim government, fair elections (Catholic Information Service for Africa)
Catholic World News 2017-11-21 @ 09:11
As the military takes control from 93-year-old strongman Robert Mugabe, a spokesman for the bishops' conference called for respect for human rights and "free and fair elections."
Why was Jesus so effective at reaching messy people? [Gospel Life Podcast]
Christianity Today 2017-11-20 @ 21:00
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus. Why was Jesus so effective at reaching messy people? Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute at the Billy Graham...
Hindu Man Beats Family, Throws Them on Street for Choosing Christ
CBN - Christian World News 2017-11-20 @ 19:15
The Many Faces of Martin Luther
Christianity Today 2017-11-20 @ 17:00
Herman Selderhuis’s biography proves that just about every adjective, good or bad, can apply to the great reformer. Brilliant, tormented, passionate, scatological, superstitious, devious, loyal...
Ohio church helps in Belize
Christian Church Today - News Articles 2017-11-20 @ 16:55
A Columbus, OH, church helped secure a fire truck for an island off the coast of Belize. Beechwold Christian Church member James York III, a former firefighter, became aware of the need about three...
The Problem of Suicide: How is the Church Caring for those Impacted?
Christianity Today 2017-11-20 @ 15:00
A church without the broken is a broken church. Each year, 44,193 Americans die by suicide which, on average, amounts to 121 suicides per day. For many of us, these figures don't feel too far off. We...
UPR recommends Pakistan repeal blasphemy law
Mission Network News 2017-11-20 @ 10:02
Pakistan (MNN) – During last week's Universal Periodic Review (UPR), numerous countries called for Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy law. Call For End to Blasphemy Law The UPR, held in Geneva...
Pouring into marriages means pouring into ministry in China
Mission Network News 2017-11-20 @ 10:01
China (MNN) -- A healthy ministry starts with a healthy home. That’s the philosophy behind the marriage seminars and classes China Partner held during their recent trip to China. Erik Burklin of...
Orality ‘one of the best-kept secrets in missions’
Mission Network News 2017-11-20 @ 10:00
International (MNN) – If you needed to give someone life-saving information immediately, you would want to make sure they received that information in the way they understood best. There’s no...
Trump administration faith-based partnership director resigns over past comments on Muslims, blacks (Washington Post)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 08:11
Rev. Jamie Johnson of the Anglican Church in North America resigned as director of the Department of Homeland Security's Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships.
US bishops approve canonical step for sainthood cause for Lakota catechist (USCCB)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 08:11
Nicholas W. Black Elk, Sr. (1863-1950)—also known simply as Black Elk—was baptized in 1904 and later became a catechist who helped lead hundreds of others to the faith.
Vatican Secretary of State: set aside portion of military expenditures for the poor (L'Osservatore Romano)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 08:11
Cardinal Pietro Parolin's remarks appear on page 6.
Papal audiences (11/18) (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 07:11
In separate audiences, the Pope received the prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo (Myanmar), Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino (Cuba), the head of a UN health agency...
Papal health care message notes importance of personal contact, compassion (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 07:11
Addressing participants in a conference on addressing global health inequalities, Pope Francis cited the parable of the Good Samaritan and said that "while a well-structured organization is essential...
Resignations and appointments (11/19) (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 07:11
Pope Francis appointed a successor to a Canadian bishop who resigned for reasons of age. He also appointed new bishops in Poland and Micronesia.
Pope names Brazilian cardinal to key position for upcoming synod on youth (Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 07:11
Pope Francis has named Cardinal Sérgio da Rocha, archbishop of Brasilia and president of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, as the relator general of the next Synod of Bishops. He...
Vatican questions reports on homosexuality and abuse at Italian seminary, orders new investigation (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 07:11
Italian media reports alleged that the Diocese of Como, Italy, ordained a seminarian who had demanded homosexual relations with a younger seminarian under his authority. The diocese stated that a...
Cardinal Burke laments apostasy, says the Church 'appears not to know herself' (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 07:11
Speaking recently at a conference on Our Lady of Fatima, Cardinal Raymond Burke said that the Church "appears not to know herself, her identity in Christ, Who comes to us through the unbroken...
Father Solanus Casey declared 'Blessed Solanus' at Detroit beatification (Detroit Free Press)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
An estimated 60,000 people attended the beatification Mass of the Capuchin Franciscan friar, who was born in 1870 and died in 1957.
Pope Francis reflects on developments in science, technology (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
Addressing the Pontifical Council for Culture, Pope Francis cited developments in medicine and genetics, the neurosciences, and "autonomous and thinking machines." He then spoke of three principles...
Myanmar bishop says government, media have positive view of upcoming papal visit (National Catholic Register)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
"Even non-Catholics are happy Pope Francis will visit us," said Archbishop Paul Grawng. "This is truly a unique and glorious occasion for all of us." Myanmar, a nation of 56.9 million, is 88...
Pope Francis confers Ratzinger Prize on German theologians, Estonian composer (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
Pope Francis said that Pope Benedict XVI's "work and his teaching continue to be a living and precious heritage for the Church and for our service." During the ceremony (video), Pope Francis...
1500 of the poor dine with the Pope (Zenit)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
The meal took place in Paul VI Audience Hall following Mass in St. Peter's Basilica.
Pope Francis: Angelus address on the parable of the talents (Zenit)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
Warning against a distorted image of God, Pope Francis reflected on Matthew 25:14-30 during his November 19 Angelus address (video).
Sri Lanka cardinal calls for prayers and practical action on World Day of the Poor (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
"Whilst the few enjoy most of the benefits of free market economics, large numbers are condemned to abject poverty," said Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, who served as Secretary of the Congregation for...
'In the poor, Jesus knocks on the doors of our heart,' Pope preaches at Mass for 1st World Day of the Poor (Vatican Radio)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 06:11
Click here for video of the Mass, here for the booklet for the celebration, and here for the Pope's message for the day, entitled "Let us love, not with words but with deeds."
Papal prayers for crew of missing Argentine submarine (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 05:11
The submarine disappeared on November 15, according to a BBC report.
New section created in Vatican Secretariat of State (CWN)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 05:11
Pope Francis has created a new section of the Vatican Secretariat of State, to coordinate the work of papal diplomats, the veteran Vatican journalist Sandro Magister of L'Espresso reports.
Australian bishop applauds defeat of assisted-suicide legislation (CathNews)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 04:11
Italian Cardinal Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo dead at 92 (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 04:11
Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, the retired archpriest of the Roman basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, died on November 19 at the age of 92. Born into a prominent Italian...
Pope sees 'haste and competitiveness' as cause of bad driving (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-20 @ 04:11
In a November 20 meeting with the staff of Italy's Road and Railway Police, Pope Francis decried the "low level of responsibility on the part of many drivers, who often do not even realize the...
Making the Unclean Clean
Christianity Today 2017-11-19 @ 13:00
Seeing God’s redemption in a toilet bowl. With a flick of the wrist, your mess disappears. This isn't a clever infomercial on late night television, but what often happens to feces in the United...
South Sudan: Famine, War, and Hope
Christianity Today 2017-11-18 @ 16:00
The fields of South Sudan could feed the whole continent. Three years ago, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flew us from Uganda onto a dirt landing strip in Yei South Sudan, a wind-blown village...
Zimbabwe Can Be Born Again: Church Leaders Explain Mugabe-Military Crisis
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 22:00
As politicians and media debate coup, evangelicals see ‘opportunity for the birth of a new nation.’ This week, church leaders in Zimbabwe called for prayer—and a transitional government...
Politics & Religion: Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 21:00
Dr. Amy Black is Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College. Politics & Religion: Can't We All Just Get Along? In this episode of Theology for Life, Lynn and Ed talk with Dr. Amy Black...
China Tells Christians to Replace Images of Jesus with Communist President
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 17:00
Propaganda effort in poor province latest sign of Xi Jinping consolidating control. Thousands of Christian villagers in China have been told to take down displays of Jesus, crosses, and gospel...
American Family Values Increasingly Focus on Finances
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 17:00
Study of Trump and Clinton voters finds the economy spilling more into home life. When asked to name the biggest challenges faced by American families, adults have become more likely to think of...
This Man Smuggles God's Word into a Place Where Getting Caught with a Bible Is a Death Sentence
CBN - Christian World News 2017-11-17 @ 15:12
The Sweatiest Bible Class in America
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 15:00
Revelation Wellness puts Scripture at the center of its group fitness program. After attending a few aerobics classes as a teenager, Alisa Keeton knew she needed one of those pink leotards. She...
Calling for a Decision: How to personally help a person make the best decision of his or her life
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 14:00
All Christians are called to share their faith. Most Christians are not preachers or teachers, and fewer still are evangelists, but all Christians are called to proclaim, to instruct, and to share...
Reliving the Reformation, As It Happened
Christianity Today 2017-11-17 @ 13:00
Craig Harline portrays the suspense-filled early years of Martin Luther’s movement, when the outcome was anything but certain. In this 500th anniversary year of the beginning of the Reformation...
Resignations and appointments (11/16) (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2017-11-17 @ 11:11
Pope Francis accepted the resignation of a California auxiliary bishop for reasons of age.
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