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US Officials Are Meeting with North Koreans in DMZ
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-27 @ 19:45
Ivanka Trump Tweets About Rule Penalizing Serena Williams at French Open for Having a Baby
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 21:01
US Team Heading to Singapore to Work on Summit
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 16:31
Irish Voters Say 'Yes' to Legalizing Abortion: Pro-Life Groups Grieve
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 16:12
Family Grateful for Utah Man’s ‘Miracle’ Venezuela Release
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 15:27
North Korea’s Kim Meets with South’s Moon for 2nd Time
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 13:46
Powerful Cyclone Lashes Oman, Yemen; 5 dead, 30 Missing
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 13:30
Ireland's Referendum on Abortion Could Be a Major Blow to Pro-Lifers
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-26 @ 00:46
'It's Just Deeply Wrong, Immoral, Unjust': Secretary of State Pompeo Goes to Bat for Imprisoned American Pastor
CBN - Christian World News 2018-05-25 @ 23:25
Christ at the Checkpoint in the Age of Trump
Christianity Today 2018-05-25 @ 17:36
As Christian Zionism influences US policy in Israel, Palestinian evangelicals seek greater acceptance from the American church. Fares Abraham grew up in the West Bank village of Beit Sahour, where...
20 Truths from Faith Among the Faithless
Christianity Today 2018-05-25 @ 15:00
The life the Bible offers is not one that is safe from the tragedies of the world, but one in which God suffers with us and accompanies us through our hardships. 1. Secularism denies real...
Memorial Day: For What Shall We Live?
Christianity Today 2018-05-25 @ 15:00
Whether we wear a uniform or not, we all have sacrificial service to offer. Memorial Day likely conjures up memories for all of us. Mine start from when I was too young to know what the day meant...
Pope dedicates weekday Mass to the 'noble Chinese people' (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 11:05
During his May 24 homily, Pope Francis preached on poverty and attachment to riches.
Papal audiences (5/24) (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 10:05
Pope Francis received an Italian cardinal, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the new Colombian ambassador, the Vatican's chief diplomat in Singapore and Vietnam, a...
Bishop criticizes UK Government for spending billions renewing Trident nuclear submarine (Scottish Catholic Observer)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 10:05
"We believe in the dignity and right to life of every human being and that nuclear weapons violate that dignity and threaten that life," said Bishop William Nolan, who leads the Scottish bishops...
'Choose life for mothers and babies,' Archbishop Martin pleads (Servizio Informazione Religiosa)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 10:05
Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh is Primate of All Ireland.
Resignations and appointments (5/24) (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 10:05
Pope Francis accepted the resignations of two Venezuelan bishops for reasons of age and appointed their successors. He also appointed a bishop in the Philippines.
Irish PM renews call to repeal pro-life constitutional amendment (
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 10:05
As Irish voters prepared to go to the polls, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said that the amendment has led to a "legacy of shame."
Nigerian bishop says there is 'plan to Islamicize the Christian areas' (Aid to the Church in Need)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 10:05
Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation (191 million people), is 50% Muslim and 40% Christian, with 10% adhering to indigenous beliefs. "We are not speaking of Boko Haram this time," said Bishop...
Global Outreach Day, mobilizing the Church to share the Gospel
Mission Network News 2018-05-25 @ 10:01
International (MNN) -- Tomorrow is dedicated to teaching Christians all over the world how to share their faith, and then mobilizing them to do it. It’s the sixth annual Global Outreach Day. Global...
Compassion strives for employee engagement in the workplace
Mission Network News 2018-05-25 @ 10:00
International (MNN) – When passion and ministry collide, great things happen. Namely, the Gospel is shared more effectively. Compassion International recently received an award recognizing their...
India’s growing anti-conversion laws: perspectives from an Indian Christian
Mission Network News 2018-05-25 @ 10:00
India (MNN) -- It has been just over a month since Uttarakhand became the seventh state in India to pass an anti-conversion bill. The growing popularity of anti-conversion laws and charges in India...
When conflict meets the Gospel in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Mission Network News 2018-05-25 @ 10:00
Democratic Republic of Congo (MNN) -- It’s not common knowledge, but that doesn’t make it any less true; there’s a crisis in Congo. Bruce Smith of Wycliffe Associates says tensions are rising...
G7 nations reject Venezuelan election result (Agence France-Presse)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 09:05
Echoing Venezuela's bishops, the G7 nations—which include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States—stated that the recent Venezuelan presidential...
Nicaragua cardinal says talks at impasse, suspended indefinitely (AP)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 09:05
Nicaragua's bishops had attempted to mediate between Daniel Ortega's repressive leftist regime and opposition leaders.
Punggye-ri nuclear site destroyed in North Korea (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 09:05
L'Osservatore Romano (5/25 Italian edition) devoted prominent front-page coverage to this story. The Vatican newspaper also highlighted the North Korean government's warning of a nuclear showdown.
Prominent defector discusses North Korea's relationship with religion (Chosun Ilbo)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 09:05
"Unlike traditional communist countries, North Korea is unique," a former diplomat writes in a new memoir. "North Korea destroyed all places of worship and blamed it on American bombers" and "made...
Everyone must have affordable health care, Vatican diplomat says (CNS)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 09:05
Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic, the Vatican's representative at UN agencies in Geneva, made his remarks at the 71st World Health Assembly.
Peru Church takes special collection for refugees from Venezuela (CNA)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 03:05
The Catholic Church in Venezuela is taking up a special collection for the support of refugees who have left Venezuela to escape that country's economic and political collapse. An estimated 4 million...
Family is center of society, Pope reminds Rome's police (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 03:05
At a May 25 audience with police officials of the Rome, who were accompanied by their families, Pope Francis concentrated on the importance of family life. "The family is the first community where...
Pope confirms: seminaries should exclude homosexuals (CNA)
Catholic World News 2018-05-25 @ 03:05
In a closed-door discussion with Italian bishops, Pope Francis reportedly said that seminaries should not accept men who are, or may be, active homosexuals. "If you have even the slightest doubt, it's...
Why So Many Christians Sound the Jewish Shofar in Israel
Christianity Today 2018-05-24 @ 15:00
Huckabee is far from the only Christian Zionist to appropriate the ancient ritual horn. Mike Huckabee, one of several American Christians in Jerusalem for the opening of the US embassy last week...
Three Ways to Successfully Navigate Failure in Evangelism
Christianity Today 2018-05-24 @ 15:00
Learning how to navigate through failure is a crucial element of success. Learning how to navigate through failure is a crucial element of success. We know this to be true in the business world, in...
Interview: Q&A: Jackie Hill Perry on ‘Bending Myself to Jesus’
Christianity Today 2018-05-24 @ 14:47
A rap artist reflects on her latest album and what it means to walk away from the “vultures of culture.” Jackie Hill Perry describes herself as a "rapper, writer, teacher, and poet." On May 11...
Jesus Showed Up in My Anatomy Lab
Christianity Today 2018-05-24 @ 14:00
What dissecting bodies taught me about the passion story and life after death. I sigh and look at the remains on the table in front of me: a pile of bones, muscles, ligaments, and organs. They are...
Russian and Vatican historians hold new seminar on 'The Mission of peace and Ostpolitik' (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 11:05
Ostpolitik refers to the Vatican's non-confrontational overtures to Eastern Europe's Communist regimes, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s.
Bishop declares: 'The dirty game in Nicaragua is over!' (Fides)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 11:05
"The peace we are looking for is not the peace of cemeteries, nor that of subjugated slaves," said the bishop who serves as spokesman for Church-brokered talks between the government and opposition...
Indian cabinet minister responds to Delhi archbishop: minorities are not discriminated against (AsiaNews)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 11:05
Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi has asked Catholics to pray and fast on Fridays until next spring's elections. "We are witnessing a turbulent political atmosphere which poses a threat to the...
Protestant churches in Algeria call on government to treat them fairly (World Watch Monitor)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 11:05
The North African nation of 41 million is 99% Muslim (predominantly Sunni).
Report: Pope concerned that Chilean bishops may have entrusted seminaries to 'priests suspected of active homosexuality' (L'Espresso)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 10:05
At the conclusion of the Pope's meetings with Chilean bishops last week, the Vatican released a brief letter to Chile's bishops. Il Sismografo—whose editorial director is a Chilean journalist who...
Pope Francis grants indulgences for World Meeting of Families (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 10:05
The World Meeting of Families will take place in Dublin from August 21 to 26.
Benedictine monastery celebrates 1000 years (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 10:05
Pope Francis has named Cardinal Anders Arborelius of Sweden as his representative to the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England.
Catholic, Protestant leaders mark anniversary of Northern Ireland's Good Friday agreement (Vatican News)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 10:05
The Good Friday Agreement (April 10, 1998), approved in a May 1998 referendum, was a milestone in the peace process in Northern Ireland.
US sanctions on Iran will affect citizens, ministries
Mission Network News 2018-05-24 @ 10:02
Iran (MNN) -- Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the United States will be imposing the “strongest sanctions in history” on Iran in the coming months. Sanctions will target...
Indian Christians answer the call to share Christ
Mission Network News 2018-05-24 @ 10:01
India (MNN) -- It’s become harder for ministries to share the Gospel in India since the government started closing the door to some foreign NGOs. But the people who can’t be kicked out of India...
In Nicaragua, Compassion International is helping children look to the future
Mission Network News 2018-05-24 @ 10:00
Nicaragua (MNN) – Compassion International is a ministry devoted to releasing children from all forms of poverty, in the name of Jesus. What that process looks like depends on the needs and...
Resignations and appointments (5/24) (Vatican Press Office)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 09:05
Pope Francis appointed an apostolic administrator for a Melkite eparchy (diocese) in Brazil.
Organization calls for Church role to protect human rights of Venezuelan detainees (Human Rights Watch)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 09:05
"Regional and European leaders should strongly press the Maduro government to allow independent figures, including Catholic Church representatives, to visit intelligence services detainees," Human...
Serbian Orthodox patriarch says Eastern Catholics are 'tearing apart the robe of Christ' (Moscow Patriarchate)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 09:05
Patriarch Irinej, 87, has led the Serbian Orthodox Church since 2010. In addition to criticizing "Uniates" (Eastern Catholics), he strongly criticized Ukrainian Orthodox Christians who are not in...
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church begins 'missionary decade' (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church)
Catholic World News 2018-05-24 @ 09:05
"Every day, all of us have to read and listen to the Word of God, as well as pray for the missionary work of our Church," said Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk. "St. John Paul II used to say: if ...
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