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Statement on individual prayer in churches
Church of England 2020-06-06 @ 21:10
The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, chair of the Church of England's Recovery Group, has released a statement on individual prayer in churches.
Pro ALL Life: Why I Protest and Encourage You to Do So Too
Christianity Today 2020-06-06 @ 19:00
I've marched for life like lots of evangelicals. I encourage you to march for black lives as well. Protests are part of who we are. I'm convinced that Christians need to speak out and to protest at...
Christianity Rapidly Growing in Oppressive Iran
CBN - Christian World News 2020-06-06 @ 17:45
Hong Kong Christians Respond as Beijing's Grip Tightens
Christianity Today 2020-06-06 @ 00:00
Pastors repent for staying silent to protect ministry at the expense of justice. Moments before law enforcement officers violently cleared protesters in Lafayette Park so President Donald Trump could...
36 Reported Dead as Islamic Militants Continue Attacks on Christian Villages in Mali and Nigeria
CBN - Christian World News 2020-06-05 @ 17:57
Immigrants Have Been Severely Impacted by COVID-19. Your Church Can Help.
Christianity Today 2020-06-05 @ 15:00
While many of us are seeing our situations improve, others are only becoming more vulnerable. Immigrants and refugees are among the groups hardest hit by the novel coronavirus in the U.S...
Church of England shares draft guidelines for weddings, funerals and baptisms
Church of England 2020-06-05 @ 09:21
The House of Bishops COVID-19 recovery group has shared draft guidelines for when funerals, weddings, baptisms and individual private prayer can recommence in church buildings.
USCIRF applauds new executive order on religious freedom
Mission Network News 2020-06-05 @ 09:00
United States (MNN) -- On Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order on religious freedom that was applauded by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). "There...
South Korea Bible launch met with resistance
Mission Network News 2020-06-05 @ 09:00
South Korea (MNN) -- Gospel workers in South Korea woke up this morning to a test: would they obey God or man? Last night, "The police contacted us because they know we're going out for the rice...
The Deaf face unique challenges during COVID-19
Mission Network News 2020-06-05 @ 09:00
International (MNN) -- Along with the rest of society, Deaf people are struggling during pandemic lockdowns. But the Deaf struggle during COVID-19 comes with unique challenges. For one, most masks...
Convicted of Blasphemy: Pakistani Couple's Death Row Appeal Delayed Again After Six-Year Wait
CBN - Christian World News 2020-06-04 @ 21:46
Singing the Songs of Injustice
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 21:00
Biblical, angry, congregational worship can help transform our hearts and churches. While many nonviolent protests and some destructive riots took place over the past week in reaction to George Floyd...
What You Never Expect When You're Expecting? Another Outbreak
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 21:00
While pregnant during Zika and the coronavirus, God disrupted my plans, changed my life, and rebuilt my faith. For many women, being pregnant during an outbreak of a serious virus that health experts...
Race, Gospel, and Justice, part 5: A Conversation with Esau McCaulley
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 21:00
Discussing how to address issues of race and justice with an African American New Testament scholar. Ed: I come from a law enforcement family. I know they want to see the bad cops weeded out. What...
Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 5: Esau McCaulley on Law Enforcement, Bible Interpretation, and the Next Generation
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 20:00
Discussing how to address issues or race and justice, from an African American New Testament scholar. Ed: I come from a law enforcement family. I know they want to see the bad cops weeded out. What...
Southern Baptists See Biggest Drop in 100 Years
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 19:00
As baptisms and membership continue to decline, top SBC leader challenges the annual report process. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) lost 2 percent of its membership last year—the...
The Masked Singers and BYO Communion?
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 18:00
Wherever two or more gather, illness can spread. So as a biologist, I'm rethinking hygiene at church. Even as a biologist who has studied viruses and immunology, it took a global pandemic for me to...
Christians Fight to Bring Adopted Kids Home from Overseas
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 15:00
The pandemic left families stranded, plans delayed, and some adoptions called off entirely, following a year of historic lows and increased government regulations. The last leg of Babydson and...
Biologist: COVID-19 Made Me Reevaluate Church Hygiene Practices
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 14:00
Churches have responded to public health issues before. Will today's pandemic change future practices? Even as a biologist who has studied viruses and immunology, it took a global pandemic for me to...
George Floyd Protests Mark a Turning Point for Minneapolis Evangelicals
Christianity Today 2020-06-04 @ 12:00
From cleanup efforts to sermons against systemic racism, local pastors say an effective response requires they listen to the communities hurting the most. Dozens of evangelical churches are joining...
Archbishop of York to preach in a weekly online service for Trinity Sunday
Church of England 2020-06-04 @ 09:30
The Archbishop of York is to be joined by representatives of charities he founded in the weekly online service for the Church of England marking his last day as Archbishop of York.
The Holy Spirit "cannot and will not be quarantined"
Mission Network News 2020-06-04 @ 09:00
India (MNN) -- Coronavirus containment is complicated in the world's second most-populated nation. More coronavirus coverage here. Health experts say India hasn't reached its COVID-19 peak yet. India...
Mission Cry sends shipments of resources mid-pandemic
Mission Network News 2020-06-04 @ 09:00
International (MNN) -- It's difficult to continue ministry during a campaign. Not only are donations down due to global economic challenges, but some of the resources people need to continue their...
Palestinians remember the Nakba
Mission Network News 2020-06-04 @ 09:00
Palestine (MNN) — On May 15, Palestinians observed the Nakba, (translated literally, the catastrophe) commemorating when thousands of Palestinians, including a large percentage of Christians, were...
Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 4: Esau McCaulley on Protests and Riots
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 19:00
There needs to be a public and robust statement that the followers of Jesus are on the side of those who are being unjustly treated. Ed: My family is from New York City. My grandfather was the first...
Can Churches Reopen Like Businesses? In Minnesota, Yes. In Nevada, No.
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 18:00
Despite Supreme Court decision, religious liberty advocates clash with states over varying rules. In Minnesota, all it took was a letter to get the governor's attention. In Nevada, it might take a...
Do White Evangelicals Love Police More Than Their Neighbors?
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 18:00
How a Christian concern for teenagers turned into a reverence for law enforcement. In the aftermath of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, thousands of people across the country have taken...
American Bible Society Responds to Trump Photo Op: Scripture Is 'More than a Symbol'
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 17:00
Ministry launches free Bible giveaway to encourage the country to open the Word. The American Bible Society says this is a time for Americans to hold on to the truths of Scripture, not just hold the...
A Soul Check for White Christians
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 17:00
In the words of MLK, "There comes a time when silence is betrayal." If you are white, Christian, and American, and want your fellow citizens to flourish and prosper together, you should be deeply...
Why White Evangelicals Love Police More than Their Neighbors
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 16:00
How a Christian concern for teenagers turned into a reverence for law enforcement. In the aftermath of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, thousands of people across the country have taken...
Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 3: Esau McCaulley on Racism and Cultural Power
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 16:00
A holistic Christian discipleship addresses our personal morality, our need for fidelity to the one true God, and the need for Christians as a part of our witness to the coming kingdom to push back...
How God's Glory Shines in Our Connectedness to Nature
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 16:00
When considering the birds, we find God's care and discover our calling. In elementary school, I bent toward the bottom of a cardboard box, where a herd of fluffy chicks squeaked a raucous chorus ...
Irish language - an important part of our Church of England heritage
Church of England 2020-06-03 @ 15:51
Regarding a consistory court judgement in the Diocese of Coventry
Race, Gospel, and Justice, Part 2: Esau McCaulley on Racism and Cultural Power
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 15:00
When you add racism to political or economic power, then the racist is able to put in place systems or policies that disadvantage African Americans or other people of color. Ed: Can you start with...
White Pastors: Our Decision to Show Up Matters
Christianity Today 2020-06-03 @ 13:00
It takes courage to be an ally. We need to do it anyway. This is not the first time that Bishop Michael Cummings of Greater Love International Church has asked me to say something at an event like...
New Dean of the Arches and Auditor of the Chancery Court of York appointed
Church of England 2020-06-03 @ 09:09
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are delighted to announce that Morag Ellis QC has been appointed as Dean of the Arches and Auditor on the retirement of Charles George QC. Morag will take up...
Yemen: how to fight COVID-19 fear with hope
Mission Network News 2020-06-03 @ 09:00
'EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article was written by a Yemeni believer from a Muslim background living in the diaspora under quarantine.' Yemen (MNN) -- Since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in...
Keys for Kids’ WORD with Zach program connects kids to God’s story
Mission Network News 2020-06-03 @ 09:00
United States (MNN) -- It's summer, and that means Keys For Kids Ministries has launched its annual WORD with Zach program aimed at connecting kids with God's story through the Bible. Greg Yoder...
Iran’s Church: “Large, young, and underground.”
Mission Network News 2020-06-03 @ 09:00
Iran (MNN) -- Only a few weeks ago, Iran was in the news as a hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic. However, now that the pandemic has touched almost every corner of the world, Iran has mostly fallen...
Trump Signs International Religious Freedom Executive Order, Approving $50 Million for Programs
CBN - Christian World News 2020-06-02 @ 20:10
Two Views of the Racial Injustice Wrecking Havoc on Us: Being Hmong in Community and Seeking a Revolution of Our Values
Christianity Today 2020-06-02 @ 20:00
As if it wasn't hard enough to know that another injustice was compounded onto the surmounting hurt and pain the African-American community was feeling, now, we were seeing a part of ourselves...
Trump Makes Surprise Visit at Historic Church Near White House
Christianity Today 2020-06-02 @ 18:00
Episcopal leaders "outraged" that protestors were cleared for the president's brief appearance where he raised a Bible for a photo op at St. John's. It began with Attorney General Bill Barr standing...
Efrem Smith: White Evangelicals Need to Humble Themselves
Christianity Today 2020-06-02 @ 16:43
"Allow the church that has been deemed the other, the marginalized church, to be the teacher at this moment." Watching the video of George Floyd's death broke Efrem Smith's heart. Again. Floyd died...
A statement from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in response to events in the United States of America
Church of England 2020-06-02 @ 16:25
A statement from Archbishop Justin Welby and Archbishop John Sentamu in response to events in the United States of America:
The Bible Is Not a Prop. Its Teachings, Though—about the Gospel and Justice—Are What We Need Right Now
Christianity Today 2020-06-02 @ 16:00
A Bible in a photo opp was not the Bible we needed. It was a jarring and awkward photo op. It did not play well, even with many of the president's supporters. Every pastor has, at some point...
Tears on Red Soil: Navajo Evangelical Leader Hears Her Homeland 'Crying Out'
Christianity Today 2020-06-02 @ 15:00
World Renew's Carol Bremer-Bennett rallies coronavirus relief to the close-knit, under-resourced reservation. The 27,000-square-mile Navajo Nation—stretching across parts of New Mexico...
Protests erupt in major U.S. cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death
Mission Network News 2020-06-02 @ 09:00
United States (MNN) — The death of George Floyd in the custody of Minnesota police has boiled over into protests across the country, followed by riots. Christians in the United States often pray...
As restrictions increase in Burma, poor workers grow desperate for food
Mission Network News 2020-06-02 @ 09:00
Myanmar (CAM) -- Burma (Myanmar) has one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 disease in the world, but its cases are said to be vastly underreported, and the country's poor are especially hard-hit by...
COVID-19, unplanned pregnancies, and how the Church can respond
Mission Network News 2020-06-02 @ 09:00
USA (MNN) -- With everybody at home during COVID-19 lockdowns, you may have heard jokes about an upcoming baby boom in eight to ten months. But don't count on it. New studies show over one-third of...
Race, Gospel, and Justice: An Interview with Esau McCaulley, Part One
Christianity Today 2020-06-02 @ 01:00
I don't know what it is to be a minority in America. That's why this series will focus on the thoughts of those who do. May 25. Memorial Day. A holiday set aside to remember with gratitude and pride...
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