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The CRT Debate Distracts from God's Justice
Christianity Today 2021-07-28 @ 19:00
In the conflict over racial issues, "just preach the gospel" misses the gospel. I remember the World War II stories I was told as a middle school student. Wearing secondhand clothes and sporting an...
One Solution to Social Conflict: Tell War Stories. But Tell Them Well.
Christianity Today 2021-07-28 @ 19:00
The book of Samuel shows us how to reconcile our differences through redemptive storytelling. I am a missionary in Croatia, a beautiful country with a very complex past. Twenty-four years ago, when I...
New Evidence Points to Old Motive in 1985 Church Murders
Christianity Today 2021-07-28 @ 16:00
A South Georgia prosecutor is considering whether two Baptists were killed because they were Black. For 36 years, the murder of a Baptist deacon and his wife in the vestibule of their small white...
The Things We Do To Women
Christianity Today 2021-07-28 @ 04:00
When churches use sexuality to foster and motivate male commitment, women find themselves on the losing end. Sex sells. It might be hard to imagine a church harnessing this popular marketing...
Christian Wedding Site Designer Loses Appeal Case
Christianity Today 2021-07-28 @ 04:00
While a baker from the same state won his challenge, court upholds Colorado anti-discrimination requirements for the owner of a creative agency. A US appeals court has ruled against a Christian web...
Faced with Allegations, Anglicans Want to Change the Trajectory of Abuse Response
Christianity Today 2021-07-27 @ 20:00
Mishandled case in Wheaton has been a wake-up call for the relatively young denomination. Priests and parishioners in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) are expressing grief and anger over...
The River of Justice Flows Downhill
Christianity Today 2021-07-27 @ 04:00
We can make modest progress through human effort, but only God can deliver true equity. We have a basketball hoop on a pole in our driveway. Our toddler cannot yet shoot or dribble, but he watches...
'Christians Have Been Easy Targets for Police': UK Minister Vindicated After Sharing Gospel Outdoors on Good Friday
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-26 @ 18:05
28 Abducted Baptist School Students Freed in Nigeria
Christianity Today 2021-07-26 @ 15:00
Parents reunite with sons and daughters at Bethel high school, yet more than 80 children remain with Kaduna kidnappers. Armed kidnappers in Nigeria have released 28 of the more than 120 students who...
Former Mars Hill Elders: Mark Driscoll Is Still 'Unrepentant,' Unfit to Pastor
Christianity Today 2021-07-26 @ 13:00
Dozens of leaders from the preacher's former congregation are calling for him to resign from The Trinity Church, where departing members are raising familiar concerns. Nearly 40 elders who served...
No More 'Evangelical Vatican': Christians Rebuild Relationship with Colorado Springs
Christianity Today 2021-07-26 @ 00:00
It's one thing to tell the city that you're there for its good. It's another to show it. Six weeks after Stu Davis left his job as pastor at one of Colorado Springs's largest churches in 2013, most...
Chinese Authorities Raid Online Church Service, Force Pastors to Stop Preaching
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-25 @ 17:58
Cheer on These Christian Olympians from Around the World
Christianity Today 2021-07-24 @ 22:00
Meet the women and men who make their faith a priority as they compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Opening Ceremonies have just commenced, but the 2020 Tokyo Games already feel weird. The...
Indian Pastor Beaten, Forced Out of Village by Police for Sharing Gospel
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-24 @ 20:19
Faith Leaders, Authorities Condemn Recent Vandalism of Catholic Churches in Oregon
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-24 @ 18:09
Church 'Snitch' Reports Mask-less UK Pastor. Now He May be Fired
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-23 @ 16:58
Deadly Water Protests in Iran Spark Calls for Regime Change
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-23 @ 09:30
Tweeting While Black
Christianity Today 2021-07-23 @ 04:00
Esau McCaulley on interpreting Scripture and making social media less confrontational, more invitational. This first episode of Viral Jesus, season 1, features Esau McCaulley, author of Reading While...
From Eric Liddell to Allyson Felix: Why Faithful Fans Are Drawn to Olympians
Christianity Today 2021-07-22 @ 19:00
Christian athletes testify to the gospel in competition and beyond. "I believe God made me for a purpose. But he also made me fast," Eric Liddell wrote in a letter to his sister Jenny before...
Christian and Muslim Leaders Agree on Legitimacy of Evangelism
Christianity Today 2021-07-22 @ 17:00
World Evangelical Alliance and Nahdlatul Ulama sign "The Nation's Mosque Statement" on sidelines of 2021 International Religious Freedom Summit, seeking a "harmonious world order." The world's...
Platt's McLean Bible Church Hit With Attempted Takeover, Lawsuit from Opposition
Christianity Today 2021-07-22 @ 15:00
The suburban DC megachurch's recent scuffle over race and politics is symptomatic of a broader evangelical rift. The Washington-area megachurch led by best-selling author David Platt has affirmed...
China Blasts Dam To Divert Floods That Killed At Least 25
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-22 @ 08:12
A Dozen Female Victims Sue Liberty University Over Abuse Policies
Christianity Today 2021-07-22 @ 04:00
The college is looking into "deeply troubling" allegations from victims who say its procedures were "enabling on-campus rapes." A new lawsuit against Liberty University claims the Lynchburg, Virginia...
'A Messenger from God': The Amazing Way God Visited Asia Bibi in Prison and How She Has also Become a Voice of Hope
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-21 @ 21:05
Georgia Church Loses Pastor, Then Its Assets, to Regional UMC Leaders
Christianity Today 2021-07-21 @ 20:00
Conservative Methodists worry about their place in the denomination ahead of delayed plans for a split over LGBT issues. Regional leaders of the United Methodist Church (UMC) took control of an 8,000...
Trusting God with Your Illness Is No Prescription for Passivity
Christianity Today 2021-07-21 @ 18:00
Early Americans bore energetic witness to bodily suffering. What can their example teach believers today? Sarah Pierpont often found herself bedridden by sickness. Living in colonial New Haven in the...
On Answering with Gentleness and Respect
Christianity Today 2021-07-21 @ 18:00
Christians are called to good-faith interactions online. In a June essay, celebrated Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie mourned the decline of good-faith conversation, especially online. The...
The Mountain Goats' Latest Pandemic Release Looks into the Darkness
Christianity Today 2021-07-20 @ 21:00
In "Dark in Here," singer John Darnielle explores a bleak but enchanted world—all the way back to the biblical story of Jonah. "Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the...
Cuban Christians Connect Prayers to Protests
Christianity Today 2021-07-20 @ 20:00
United more than ever across denominations, many evangelicals want "homeland and life" over "homeland or death." A few days after Hurricane Elsa swept across the center of Cuba, Christians of all...
After Challenging Season, World Relief Names New President
Christianity Today 2021-07-20 @ 15:00
Myal Greene is optimistic about resuming robust refugee resettlement programs under the Biden administration. A veteran World Relief staff member who developed models for church partnerships and...
Summit Produces a 'Pentecost' Moment for International Religious Freedom
Christianity Today 2021-07-19 @ 21:00
First IRF summit led by civilians not governments pulls off bipartisan participation as attendees welcome news on next ambassador. One word floated forebodingly between parentheses throughout...
Court Upholds Ruling in Favor of InterVarsity at U of Iowa
Christianity Today 2021-07-19 @ 21:00
We are hard-pressed to find a clearer example of viewpoint discrimination." A federal appeals court has upheld a 2019 ruling against the University of Iowa, affirming that the university...
Is Jemar Tisby's Bestselling Book About Racism a Fluke?
Christianity Today 2021-07-19 @ 14:00
Publishers tried for years to get evangelical readers to care. Then one succeeded. Jon Anderson found The Color of Compromise at just the right moment. As the executive director of Collaboration...
Will Central Asia Become 'Stans' for Religious Freedom?
Christianity Today 2021-07-16 @ 17:00
Kazakhstan pledges improvements at 2021 IRF Summit in DC, following neighboring Uzbekistan. Central Asia has another nation starting to stan for religious freedom. "In Kazakhstan, all denominations...
One Easy Trick to See If You're Reading the Bible Right
Christianity Today 2021-07-16 @ 16:00
I knew Scripture was inerrant and inspired, but didn't let it move me to devotion. Augustine said there's a way you can check or double-check whether you understand the Bible. If you read it right...
We Put Down Roots. Then Everything Around Us Shifted.
Christianity Today 2021-07-16 @ 15:00
We must find new ways to live faithfully in places that have changed. If you've moved lately (or have tried to), you'll know that there's a shortage of available properties pushing prices to an all-ti...
5 Ways Collaborative Sermon Writing Can Help Pastors
Christianity Today 2021-07-16 @ 00:00
How a cross-cultural experiment with a half-dozen church leaders offered me a fresh perspective. I'm not sure why I suddenly noticed a new angle. Or why I hadn't seen it in the first place. A few...
What Happens in Left-Behind Places Doesn't Stay in Left-Behind Places
Christianity Today 2021-07-15 @ 18:00
Our "culture of transience" has far-reaching social and economic costs—and some that are harder to quantify. Many of us like the idea of living a countercultural life. We want to be fish...
Why Congregations Aren't Waiting to Leave the United Methodist Church
Christianity Today 2021-07-15 @ 18:00
With a denominational split delayed, some are willing to pay big to exit now. Caught in a decades-long battle over LGBT issues, with a proposed denominational split delayed again by the pandemic...
After Angela Merkel, German Evangelicals Weigh Political Values
Christianity Today 2021-07-15 @ 16:00
Voting guides have been replaced by discussion questions as Christians consider the future. Anna Klein is excited to vote for change. The 27-year-old evangelical German schoolteacher supported Angela...
Chinese Pastors Forced to Include Xi's Speech in Sermons to Celebrate CCP'S Centennial
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-14 @ 19:25
What I Want to Remember When English Churches Sing Again
Christianity Today 2021-07-14 @ 19:00
Worship music is important, but God cares more about the heart. My eldest sons, aged 8 and 6, stayed up to watch England beat Denmark 2–1 in the Euro 2020 semifinal last week. It was very...
Report: Persecution of Indian Christians Unabated, 154 Acts Of Violence So Far This Year
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-14 @ 18:19
California Pastor Using 'Holy Hologram' Delivers Sunday Sermon to Church in New Zealand
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-14 @ 16:23
Why We Love 'The Chosen' So Much
Christianity Today 2021-07-14 @ 14:00
The show isn't just about the transformation of the disciples, it's about our spiritual transformation, too. The Chosen, a multiseason look at the life of Christ through the eyes of his disciples...
Mainline Protestants Are Still Declining, But That's Not Good News for Evangelicals
Christianity Today 2021-07-13 @ 20:00
Both traditions are losing out to the unaffiliated. If there's one overarching conclusion that comes from studying survey data of American religion over the last several decades, it is that fewer...
Church of England Will Apologize for Its Role in Expelling Jews from Britain During Middle Ages
CBN - Christian World News 2021-07-13 @ 19:20
Study: Regular Bible Readers Experienced More Stress in 2020, But Also More Hope
Christianity Today 2021-07-13 @ 16:00
In times of trials, Scripture strengthened and encouraged. Ainslee Moss felt the full weight of 2020. For her, the year included juggling the responsibilities of running several nonprofit thrift...
Church of England Considers Evangelical-Inspired Proposal for Lay-Led Churches
Christianity Today 2021-07-13 @ 15:00
Facing decline, Anglicans debate whether the suggestion represents a fresh missional strategy or a radical departure from their theological convictions. Petertide—the days around the feast of...
'Pray Away the Gay' Has Gone Away. Why Are Governments Trying to Stop It?
Christianity Today 2021-07-13 @ 14:00
Nations around the globe are pushing bans on conversion therapy, some without defining what it is. When the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom wrote Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the...
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