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The Gospel of Advent: Good News for the Season
Christianity Today 2021-11-27 @ 05:00
Daily devotional readings from Christianity Today. "I bring you good news ..." (Luke 2:10). With these words, the angel began a stunning gospel proclamation: The Savior, the promised Messiah, the...
Christianity Today 2021-11-26 @ 22:00
我们需要重新发现无需我们帮助的敬拜。 克里斯·洛克(Chris Rock)曾在一次采访中分享了他是如何开发新的单口相声材料的。像许多成熟的喜剧演...
Christianity Today 2021-11-26 @ 22:00
我們需要重新發現無需我們幫助的敬拜。 克里斯·洛克(Chris Rock)曾在一次採訪中分享了他是如何開發新的單口相聲材料的。像許多成熟的喜劇...
The Ahmaud Arbery Case Equips Me for Advent
Christianity Today 2021-11-25 @ 06:00
As we await full justice with Christ's return, a guilty verdict only partly satisfies. As we prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ this Advent, many of us have also been preparing our hearts for...
The Ahmaud Arbery Case Prepares Me for Advent
Christianity Today 2021-11-25 @ 05:00
As we await full justice with Christ's return, a guilty verdict only partly satisfies. As we prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ this Advent, many of us have also been preparing our hearts for...
Christianity Today 2021-11-24 @ 23:00
美国人正在迅速放弃教会。我们的思想和身体将付出代价。 威廉·格拉斯(William Glass)是圣公会牧师和神学家,精通五种语言,在市场营销方面拥...
Christianity Today 2021-11-24 @ 23:00
美國人正在迅速放棄教會。我們的思想和身體將付出代價。 威廉·格拉斯(William Glass)是聖公會牧師和神學家,精通五種語言,在市場營銷方面擁...
The Antidote to Celebrity Church Is Mere Church
Christianity Today 2021-11-24 @ 19:00
We need to rediscover worship that works without our help. Chris Rock once shared in an interview how he develops new standup material. Like many established comedians, he shows up at small comedy...
'Appalled': As Thousands of Nigerian Christians Get Slaughtered, Biden Admin Drops Nigeria from Freedom Watchlist
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-24 @ 17:02
CT Editors and Contributors Respond: What Are You Thankful for in 2021?
Christianity Today 2021-11-24 @ 17:00
After a difficult year, CT family and friends take time to reflect on what they're grateful for. Kara Bettis, CT associate features editor The verse that has been swirling in my head over the second...
D Is for Discipleship. E Is for Eschaton.
Christianity Today 2021-11-24 @ 17:00
It's a new golden age of children's books filled to the brim with theology—and imagination. When InterVarsity Press released Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver, The Celebration Place, and The O in...
Died: Labib Madanat, Who Showed the Bible to Palestinians and Israelis in Word and Deed
Christianity Today 2021-11-23 @ 20:00
Son of Jordanian missionaries organized the Holy Land's Bible societies and demonstrated the gospel's love and forgiveness amid war and terror. During his decades of ministry, Labib Madanat...
How Eagle Feathers and Copper Mines Might Alter Your Religious Liberty
Christianity Today 2021-11-23 @ 19:00
A peculiar case in Arizona has the potential to shape churches, ministries, and schools across the country. Some years ago, evangelical Christians watched closely as Hobby Lobby successfully...
Research Roundup: 6 Takeaways on the Goodness of Gratitude
Christianity Today 2021-11-23 @ 18:00
More and more scholars are studying the practice of giving thanks. Here's what they have to say. "Feeling Gratitude Is Associated with Better Well-Being Across the Life Span: A Daily Diary Study...
Turkey Bombards Ancient Christian Communities, Forcing Them to Flee as Refugees
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-23 @ 17:19
Hindu Nationalists in India Illegally Ban Christians from Holding Worship Services, 50+ Churches Closed
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-23 @ 16:48
Why Bad Things Happen to People, According to 6,500 Americans
Christianity Today 2021-11-23 @ 16:00
On the problem of evil, Pew's pandemic philosophy survey finds few Americans blame God or doubt God's omnipotence, goodness, or existence. Sorry Job, Epicurus, Augustine, and Hume: On the "problem of...
Heaven and Hell: Americans Answer 20 Questions on Who Goes and What Happens
Christianity Today 2021-11-23 @ 16:00
Pew's afterlife survey also asks 6,500 people about universalism, reincarnation, fate, answered prayer, and interacting with the dead. Many American evangelicals love C. S. Lewis's writings yet balk...
My Body Is a Temple, Not a Fighting Machine
Christianity Today 2021-11-23 @ 15:00
Why I left a promising boxing career behind after coming to Christ. I was born on a Sunday morning in Milwaukee, a first-generation Puerto Rican American. My mother often told me I had received...
Cómo las Escrituras siguen sorprendiéndome
Christianity Today 2021-11-22 @ 20:00
Cuando era niña, guardé la Palabra de Dios en mi corazón. Ahora, sale a la luz cuando menos lo espero. Mi papá solía cantar por la casa todo el tiempo. Conoce unos ocho versos de cada...
CBN's 'Superbook' Reaches Teachers, Students Across Cambodia with Online Sunday School Program
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-22 @ 19:47
Disowning 'Evangelical' Is a Denial of Responsibility
Christianity Today 2021-11-22 @ 18:00
If our movement is carrying reputational baggage, then we have no choice but to own it. Not long ago, I asked Tim Keller to give a guest lecture in a university class I teach, in which nearly all the...
Report: Coptic Christian Students Beaten, Forced by Teachers, Classmates to Remove Cross Jewelry
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-22 @ 16:23
Prompted by Ravi Zacharias's Abuse, Missions Organizations Are Urged to Assess Accountability
Christianity Today 2021-11-22 @ 16:00
Outgoing president of the International Conference on Missions says leaders on the wrong path depend on Christians who don't want to know. A megachurch pastor who was mentored by Ravi Zacharias...
Two Kidnapped Missionaries Freed in Haiti
Christianity Today 2021-11-22 @ 00:00
Christian Aid Ministries asks for continued prayer for 15 in captivity. An Ohio-based church organization says two of 17 abducted members of a missionary group have been freed in Haiti. Christian Aid...
US Missionaries Say 2 Abductees Freed in Haiti
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-21 @ 21:38
Christian Florist Settles Legal Battle With Same-Sex Couple
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 21:00
After eight years, the 77-year-old Washington state grandmother is retiring from her business and her religious liberty fight. A florist in Washington state who was in an eight-year legal battle that...
Christians in Haiti Worry About Release of Kidnapped Missionaries
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 20:00
How the 17 Christian Aid Ministries captives are eventually freed could elevate the risks faced by local believers and American workers. As months of routine violence and kidnapping take their toll...
Why I'm Inviting John Leland to Thanksgiving Debates About Christian America
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 19:00
Pass the big wheel of cheese, and defend the Baptist legacy of freedom of conscience. As someone who studies religion and politics, I often find myself in "fun" conversations at the Thanksgiving...
There's No Good Plan to Stop 100,000 Opioid Deaths a Year
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 19:00
The Christian call to hard friendship in a national emergency. 100,000 Americans died from April 2020 to April 2021 due to opioids, according to numbers released this week from the Centers for...
I Can't Quit My Evangelical Heritage. Neither Can You.
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 19:00
What exvangelicals teach us about our religious roots. Like many of my peers, I am a child of American evangelicalism. I was born to professing parents, made my own public statement of faith at five...
Scientists Mystified, Wary, as Africa Avoids COVID Disaster
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-19 @ 17:48
Houston's Cambodian Baptists Lose Founding Fathers to COVID-19
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 17:00
The next generation grapples with how to continue the legacy of two prominent pastors who built and brought together the refugee community. Houston's Cambodian Baptist community, a tight-knit group...
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 17:00
在埃尔比勒(Erbil)的基督徒终于可以管理自己的时候,迦勒底天主教(Chaldean Catholic)大主教巴沙尔·瓦尔达(ashar Warda)向CT解释了ISIS...
Christianity Today 2021-11-19 @ 17:00
在埃爾比勒(Erbil)的基督徒終於可以管理自己的時候,迦勒底天主教(Chaldean Catholic)大主教巴沙爾·瓦爾達(ashar Warda)向CT解釋了ISIS...
Why I Pray for Myanmar with Hope
Christianity Today 2021-11-18 @ 22:00
Five reasons for the current crisis, three signs of hope, and three prayers for what is needed next. Recent news from Myanmar, beset by both civil conflict and the pandemic, is heart-breaking...
What Stand-Up Comedians Can Teach the Church
Christianity Today 2021-11-18 @ 19:00
Good comedy is strange and surprising. So is the gospel. Apparently, comedian Dave Chappelle isn't welcome at his own high school. According to news reports, the Duke Ellington School of the Arts...
'I Felt God's Presence': Franklin Graham Credits Power of Prayer as He Leaves Mayo Clinic After Heart Surgery
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-18 @ 16:31
Interview: The Great Commission's Greatest Hits
Christianity Today 2021-11-18 @ 14:00
Alice T. Ott identifies the pivotal moments in Christianity's global expansion. When Jesus delivered the Great Commission to a small band of disciples, they might have wondered how they were supposed...
Nigeria Removed, Russia Added to US State Department's Religious Persecution List
Christianity Today 2021-11-18 @ 03:00
USCIRF "appalled" at Nigeria decision, "welcomes" Russia and Taliban inclusion, and wishes India, Syria, and Vietnam were also named. The US State Department has added Russia to its list of nations...
Liverpool Bombing Case Reignites Controversy Over Refugee Conversions
Christianity Today 2021-11-17 @ 21:00
The alleged attacker was baptized and confirmed in the Anglican Church several years ago amid a quest for asylum in the UK. When a bomb went off in a Liverpool taxi on Sunday, it reignited...
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Double Suicide Bombings in Uganda - Despite Islamic Violence, the Church Is Growing
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-17 @ 17:06
The Christian Peacemaker Who Left a Trail of Trauma
Christianity Today 2021-11-16 @ 22:00
Judy Dabler built a career helping reconcile conflict within ministries including RZIM and Mars Hill. But a new investigation says she abused her authority to protect those with power. A leading...
Pastor Killed by Muslim Extremists in Uganda for Refusing to Close His Church: 'Face the Wrath from Allah'
CBN - Christian World News 2021-11-16 @ 21:12
The Pastors Aren't All Right: 38% Consider Leaving Ministry
Christianity Today 2021-11-16 @ 21:00
As the pandemic has gone on, burnout continues to take its toll on church leaders. Sitting around campfire beside Lake Tawakoni in Northeast Texas, pastor Nic Burleson has heard pastor after pastor...
Churchgoers May Remember Song Lyrics Over Sermon Quotes
Christianity Today 2021-11-16 @ 20:00
So let's make sure we're teaching sound doctrine in worship. Before you read this article, start by reciting the alphabet in your head. There is a reason you just fought a strong temptation to hum...
Premarital Sex Is More Taboo for Today's Devout Christians
Christianity Today 2021-11-16 @ 19:00
Research suggests the current generation of religious young adults might value abstinence more than those in past decades. Religious worldviews and attitudes may be a key motivation for abstaining...
En realidad, Dios está haciendo algo antiguo
Christianity Today 2021-11-16 @ 17:00
En la era de la autenticidad, no necesitamos nuevas palabras de parte de Dios; más bien, necesitamos repetir lo que Él ya ha dicho. Hace años, yo era parte del equipo editorial de una revista...
What Happens When Apps Replace the Offering Plate?
Christianity Today 2021-11-16 @ 14:00
We need to think creatively about the role of giving in corporate worship. I saw an offering plate before I was even old enough to attend church. My father was a lay elder and church treasurer. This...
Prayers for 'Where the Church Suffers the Most' in Europe
Christianity Today 2021-11-15 @ 23:00
Six reasons the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, controlled by pro-Russian rebels, needs Christians to pray for peace and religious freedom. To mark the International Day of Prayer for the...
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