Hymn:Christ Is Surely Coming
Tune:Land Of Hope And Glory
Words:Christopher Martin Idle (b 1938)
Music:Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
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Verse 1
Christ is surely coming 
Bringing his reward, 
Alpha and Omega, 
First and Last and Lord: 
Root and stem of David, 
Brilliant Morning Star: 
Meet your Judge and Savior, 
Nations near and far! 
Verse 2
See the holy city! 
There they enter in, 
All by Christ made holy, 
Washed from ev'ry sin: 
Thirsty ones, desiring 
All he loves to give, 
Come for living water, 
Freely drink, and live! 
Verse 3
Grace be with God's people! 
Praise his holy name! 
Father, Son, and Spirit, 
Evermore the same. 
Hear the certain promise 
From the eternal home: 
"Surely I come quickly!" 
Come, Lord Jesus, come! 
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