Hymn:As With Gladness Men Of Old
Words:William Chatterton Dix (1837-98)
Music:Conrad Kocher (1786-1872)
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Verse 1

As with gladness men of old
Did the guiding star behold;
As with joy they hailed its light,
Leading onward, beaming bright;
So, most gracious God, may we
Evermore be led to Thee.

Verse 2

As with joyful steps they sped
To that lowly cradle-bed,
There to bend the knee before
Him whom heav'n and earth adore;
So may we with willing feet
Ever seek Thy mercy-seat.

Verse 3

As they offered gifts most rare
At that cradle rude and bare;
So may we with holy joy,
Pure, and free from sin’s alloy,
All our costliest treasures bring,
Christ, to Thee, our heav'nly King.

Verse 4

Holy Jesus, ev'ry day
Keep us in the narrow way;
And, when earthly things are past,
Bring our ransomed lives at last
Where they need no star to guide,
Where no clouds Thy glory hide.

Verse 5

In that heav'nly country bright
Need they no created light;
Thou its Light, its Joy, its Crown,
Thou its Sun which goes not down;
There for ever may we sing
Alleluias to our King.
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