Hymn:Christ, When For Us You Were Baptised
Words:Bland Tucker (1895-1984)
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Verse 1
Christ, when for us you were baptized, 
God's Spirit on you came, 
as peaceful as a dove, 
and yet as urgent as a flame, 
as urgent as a flame. 
Verse 2
God called you, "My beloved Son"; 
you are God's servant true, 
sent to proclaim the reign of heaven, 
God's holy will to do, 
God's holy will do to. 
Verse 3
Straightway and steadfast until death 
you then obeyed the call 
to serve with free and willing heart, 
to give your life for all, 
to give your life for all. 
Verse 4
Baptise us with your Spirit, Lord; 
your cross on us be signed, 
that likewise in God's service we 
may perfect freedom find, 
may perfect freedom find. 
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