Hymn:Christ Exalted Is Our Song
Words:Nathan Stiff
Music:Nathan Stiff
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Verse 1
Christ exalted is our song 
Our anthem through eternity 
Praises rise and wake the dawn 
Heralding His majesty 
Christ without a rival reigns 
Over all creation 
Name above all other names 
Enthroned in adoration 
Verse 2
Christ exalted is our song 
The Sovereign over everything 
Left His glorious throne beyond 
Stepped into our suffering 
Hands that shaped the heaven’s frame 
Reached to heal the leper 
Mighty God in meekness came 
To lead us like a shepherd 
Verse 3
Christ exalted is our song 
The Man of Sorrows mocked and tried 
Bore the judgment for our wrongs 
For our sins was crucified 
Hear the love in His refrain 
‘Father please forgive them’ 
As He bears the bitter weight 
Of guilt and condemnation 
Verse 4
Christ exalted is our song 
Buried but in vict’ry raised 
The keys of death and life belong 
To the Firstborn from the grave 
Glory, glory to the King! 
Crowned with countless praises 
Christ exalted we will sing 
Throughout unending ages! 
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